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Er...good question

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Hi all, my names Rowan, I'm 13 and come from Derbyshire in England. I really friendly...I don't bite I'm swear. I love to talk, so if you ever send me a message, I promise I'll reply back.

I couldn't live without music...Its my life. I like so many different bands, that I can't be bothered to list them all here.:p I don't just stick to one sort of music, I like to try out different stuff...And I've found some great bands by doing that.

I also love Harry Potter...I could talk for hours about it, and it drives my friends insane...If you love HP then I love you, hehe! I could talk about theorys and plot developments...Don't stray into that area unless your willing to listen for hours!

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Another thing I love is drama...I love performing in shows and things. I don't care how big a part I have, I just love practising for months on end and then see it all come together on opening night...Its the most amazing feeling ever.

My friends mean everything to me...This probably sound incrediably cheesy, but I wouldn't know what to do without them. I think most people feel the same...But for whatever reason we never just stop to say "thank you" to our friends, do you? Perhaps its because we don't have to...Good friends are just always there, and thats how it should be.

I'm gonna cut the cheesieness now. Theres nothing more to say about me, apart from I love talking and getting to know people, so feel free to send me a pm anytime.


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