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Tatie (don't ask, read below)
Lafayette, CO

Member since December 29th, 2006



HAR HAR. i was born in england, then when i was 1 i moved to germany, lived there for 11 yrs. then moved to england AGAIN and lived there for 3 yrs. then my mom retired from teaching, and now I'm stuck here in Lafayette Colorado. I just moved here last January, and I HATE the high school that I go to. It can kiss my ass. all I really want to do is just move back to England and live there for the rest of my junior and senior year of high school. All in all, I'm not used to the American way of life, mostly it's pyschological except that I lived in Europe for the majority of my life, and I don't know american customs that well- just European customs.NOTE: A lot of people like to call me by my real name (which really bugs me, so I would NOT reccomend it and will not be mentioned in this segment- or never) but my nickname is derived (just so you know info, guys) from the Polish name Tatiana... and that's basically what I would like to be called: TATIE. Hopefully you got that..... Sad


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