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The Way

The Way
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Hello Anthem...
You are the song I loathe to sing inside my head.


GERARD WAY, you are my


Hello, Anthem. You are the song inside my head.

Like a candle, flickering dim but burning bright. Like a star, left to die but twinkling still. Persisting, until your light shone on the world.

You are blood; you taint and you splatter and you stain (so dirty), yet you give and you flow and you are life (so pure). Love you or hate you, need you or want you, it's all the same.

You are passion personified. Fool with a whisper, sweet with sincerity; then scream the worst obscenities. You are duality, a paradox. An angel or a demon? Who can tell, or better yet, who cares?

Singing things no one else can fathom, but have been feeling all along. Speaking the words to the truth and the lies everyone has been waiting to hear. Breathing inspiration and hope and love under the darkest of facades.
Of beautiful chaos, ironic and aggressive and whole; of the absolution of death, regretful and fearful and celebratory. Two lovers, torn by violence and decay; a man's wasted days spent dying while alive. How can you say 'so long and goodnight' and still come back tomorrow? Or 'we'll carry on' and be so true to your word?

You were but an ordinary man who made himself into an extraordinary hero. You once walked among the rest, but now you rose and led us away from this temporal abyss.

So thank you, even though it'll never be enough. I love you, for lack of a better, deeper word. And please continue, because we'd be lost if you don't.

Oh, and Anthem, did you know?
You are the song I sing inside my head.


  • append and detach.

    hi... yeah... keep the faith... :)

    append and detach., April 25th, 2008 at 05:17:27am

  • idee fixe.

    *is your stalker*

    idee fixe., January 30th, 2008 at 08:33:33am

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