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narrated ambush.

narrated ambush.
filminganobscene makeout scene

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"the prologue."_sarena. ID strangeKID. 14 years in possession. California urban life decays.resolve.rehabilitate.restore. hoping to attend U.C.L.A. in LosAngeles.

"casting call."_belligerent, random, and never there. freshman. caustic residue from your last sparring. an apparition of your discordant harmony.
“the setting."_sure i'll talk to you. but my circuitous words are never eloquent, slow motion baby. b-b-but still. i love my friends and family like a bad habit, even with the backdrop we've absently drafted…

"stage right."_sometimes I feel like I'm lying to you because I don't say what I want to say. I'm a dirty, selfish person; I apologize. "but i want to save you! and you! and you!" dearest, don't we all? Don't you love how this all flows so well that soon [enough] we'll be at our worst with the begging children clamoring at our scuffed shoes? please,tend to that drum beat because we sure as hell need a pulse. I tend to ramble for lack of being able to articulate clearly. The blind see more than me. The deaf hear more than me.

"three nerves enterwined."_just for the record, i think that all writers, musicians, and artists are totally

"studio break."_I'm not blaming you. And let's not vice versa, either. Give me the blame and breathe; you were turning fluorescent. In fact, throw me the throe and we'll start a tradition. don't stop now, oh, don't start now! the camera's rolling sweetie [is it wrong to insinuate you to such a name?] and this shade colors you best.

"dead on cue."_asphyxiated; dance to this murmuring heartbeat before its quiet. Can somebody phone the doctor? we've got an incriminating leakage&a tedious desire. there's a shortage of film, but anyways, she was pronounced dead on the scene.


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