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HII Pshaw!! much luv to all <33 a.K.a ::Judy Vengeance::

..Facts About Me..

Name: Judith

Nicknames: Judy, J-pod (don't ask), Judy Booty (long story)

Birthday: April 9th 1992

Age: 14

Gender: Female

MSN: None

AIM: Kraizy104

Interests/Hobbies: poetry, drawing/sketching/painting, MUSIC<33,
trying to play my strat(for you retards that's my guitar), going to the
village, looking up infamous deaths, tatts, Martyrdom, annoying people


My Girls: Madi<33 Dahina<33, Natalia<33

My Imaginary Friends: It, Jim, and X
Lilith died.. R.I.P


Movie: Napoleon Dynamite,Saw, Creep,
Final Destination 1,2 and 3, The Butterfly Effect,
Edward Scissorhands, 13 Ghosts, Jackass 2, The Omen

Actor: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher, John Patrick Amedori

Actress: None.

Song: "I Don't Love You" MCR
"The Phrase That Pays" The Academy Is..., "The Diary Of Jane" Breaking Benjamin

Artist: Amy Lee, Jared Leto, Gerard Way, Bam Margera

Band: Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, Atreyu,
The Academy Is..., 30 Seconds To Mars, Cohhed and Cambria, Era Nocturna

Movie Genre: Horror, Suspense, Comedy,

TV Show : Supernatural, T-Minus Rock, Head Banger's Ball,
Rock Countdown, Viva La Bam,


Me "Dahina let's hug a tree"
Dahina" Lets!"
Both of us*Runs to trees and hugs tightly*
Me"Love you tree

Me "that suucckkss"
Dahina "Balls"
Me "blue balls"
Dahina "Big hairy blue balls"
Me "big hairy smelly blue balls"
Dahina "Eeeeewww"

[x]_More Qoutes To Come_[x]

THINGS I LIKE: GERARD WAY(he's a god and he is the greatest person on the earth),Hugs(from people i like), Music, Singing in the shower hehe, Cotton Candy (it's so cool how it disappears in your mouth =]), Guys, Girls(yeah im bi bitch), Geeks/Nerds (their so cute! I love em!),Green (favorite color), Black, Thunderstorms(the sound of thunder is so beautiful), Rain (i just want to dance when it rains), Roses , Johnny Depp(Especially in Pirates Of The Carribean and Edward Scissorhands), Sharp Objects, Tattoos, Piercings, Mohawks, Vampires(I vant to drink your blood), Dream Interpretation(helps you figure shit out), Yelling/Screaming(i do it all the time to people in school hehe), Guitars(I have one..can't play it to save my life), Green Eyes(They make me melt), Crazy Hair Colors, (like pink or blue or purple), Scary Movies(None that scare me enough though), Laughing, Fishnets, Platform Boots(Not on me though xD), The Village, Eyeliner, Hot pink, The dark, Instant Messaging,The word Ick, writing backwards(it's like a secret language =]), Talking like I'm in the Shakespeare Era(Thou shall do as thee told hehe), Kittens (Face it you like them too!), Dancing, When people add me to their Friends =]=] and that's pretty much it...

THINGS I DO NOT LIKE : God, Light shades of pink, Bunnies(AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!), Tickling, Preps and chavs, The Sun(too bright), Old people(They are always in the way! DIE ALREADY!!), Barbies, Little kids that beg you to play with them when you already told them no like 500 times already, When you can't open the soda bottle because the cap is to tight,When you step in dog shit(EW), When a bird shits on you(one day people will be able to fly and take a nice big shit on pigoens hehe im an idiot) When people say Buh Byes, People who think they are better because they have more money or look better..few words SCREW YOU!, My family, My bad memory...I forget things quickly...I suffer from C.R.S. That's short for Can't Remember Shit Hehe xD.


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