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Magazine Sickness.

Magazine Sickness.
katherine mary

Member since January 23rd, 2007



"Once this power is unleashed, the world is at my control. I have no companions. I have no family. Everything is suddenly forgotten. The music has set me free."
_________________________________________________- Kristina.

___________________________________katherine mary.


_____________________________________short, 5'1; wanna fight about it?
so pretty much, im a smart kid who's been frittering away her potential in school for a grand total of eleven years give or take. my parents have my life planned out in detail, what a shock they are going to have when I hit eighteen. i love them so much so don't get me wrong. don't try to figure me out because you never will. im not saying im complex, deep or even mysterious im just saying that for sixteen years there hasnt been a person yet who has been able to wrap their tiny little heads around the concept of me - so lets not ruin that perfect record.


____________________________^this girl, i would consider to be my best friend.
i've never had one before so the concept is still kind of new to me. we have been to hell and back together and have truimphed each time. she knows close to everything about me and vice versa. we plan to grow old together and procreate
scene children with our partners and make them marry each other. she lets me copy off her in maths and i love her for that^-^

i am in no way, shape or form perfect. i get depressed, moody and angsty like all you other teenagers out there. i lay awake at night worrying about my future and the fate of the world. i get panic attacks, i get edgy, i get nervous i get selffuckingconcious.

i am what this generation would classify as average but i know im not. in my heart and on the outside i have always been different. i know i am on this earth for a reason and i am determined to keep on living until i figure out what that reason is.
i am willing to work for change; to help this planet anyway i can.


the favourite band; Green Day. introduced to them at around seven years of age but at the time I was too preoccupied with being the target of all the school bullies and being a devout Living End fan to care much. the fascination with the ripping guitar chords, cleverly put together basslines and pounding drums began again in ninth grade; 2005. posters of the three terribly attractive men began littering: my bedroom walls, my school locker and my school books. it was an obsession right from day one and even though it's evened out these days, i still love them and their music as much as I did back then. I don't care what people say: I don't think Billie has a whiny voice; Mike's sideburns are lovely and Tre well.. he's just Tre, really.

the armstrong. __________________________Image

I bet he never thinks it, but this man who's face you have: plastered on your bedroom walls, school lockers and books is true beauty and inspiration at it's finest. He's a fucked-up kind of perfect. He's made mistakes but who among us hasn't? He has had to face problems which have tested his strength and questioned how much he can give each time. He reminds me that even when we think we are finished - we still have a lot left to give and a life left to live. His attitude and band have made me realise how important it is to be and think for yourself. i can not thank them enough for that.


you know.. before you came into my life
I never had the need for an emergency transvestite o.O


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