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Aww Sugar.

Aww Sugar.
Small box, six feet under

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Well Erm...Hii <33 Im Terri And like most of you out there i LOVE my chemical romance, i think gerard way, mikey way, frank iero, bob bryar and ray toro are The awsomest people alive and there beautiful Smile i listen to the bands music constantly on repeat, so im not exactly 'unique' i suppose you could say ive been 'inspired' by the lyrics and the amount of thought and emotion that goes into each and every song. the band have an originality about them and its wierd how amazing they are just by being different, the way they perform and also record theres songs its as if you can feel wht they've been thriough and what they feel and you feel like there going out to you. I dont know what i would do looking back now if i had never heard my chemical romance, they play such a big part in my life and i would hate for anyone to take that away from me. i know im going on a bit but it is hard to explain :S...i think you'll catch my drift though

My chemical romance, the first night being back in the UK since the 1st of april, and the last time for quite a while according to Gerard, but its okay cause the night was fucking amazing. First of all MSI were supporting, and they were brilliant !especially when Jimmy Urine made a comment on the amount of '10 year olds' that were there and reminded them that it wasnt high school musical Very Happy MCR's first song was awesome; a new song, then the played some songs off 2nd + 3rd alum which were completely amaze, but the highlight was definately headfirst for halos and honey this mirror isnt big enough for the two of us, 1st album material ! :G when cancer was played, the piano was breathtaking and carried on from sleep. Anyways, as Gerard sangall you could see was a shadow of a man, whose music has helped so many people, and saved lives [with the help of four other people.] This is the best fucking band in the world...

I CAN'T USE HTML (only REALLY simple stuff)

I Also think it would very cool to live the world in black and white

my favourite music is : MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE♫♥ , Avenged sevenfold, Drop dead, gorgeous. Alesana, Avenged sevenfold, Bring me the horizon,paramore,30 seconds to mars, atreyu, bullet for my valentine,panic at the disco, Bring me the horizon, Bless the fall etc etc...

byeee <3



  • stay away;

    nice profile, sounds like a great concert!

    stay away;, April 9th, 2009 at 06:08:08pm

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