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Bloemfontein, South Africa

Member since February 11th, 2007



What can I say.... I am here because I love MCR, I am not sure how it happened really but it started with the Black Parade, I heard WTTBP on the radio and decided to investigate on the fountain of information that is the net..... I was hooked immediately. I proceeded to buy all three albums, and LOTMS and watched every interview I could find. The funny thing was that when I heard Helena it was like I knew the song already, then I watched the Ghost of you video and remembered that I actually had seen it before on TV and was intrigued but South Africa was not in the loop about My Chem before Black parade - I saw it as fate and laughed about that thought.... so now here I am, mildly obessed and loving it!

What else.... I love music and TV - be it movies or documentaries or series - I'll bloody watch it. I am also completely nuts over Friesian horses to the point of actually crying last year when I watched a display of imported stallions - embarrasing my boyfriend to no end. He is very understanding about his overly passionate girlfriend with her obsessions which include MCR, the horses, the animals, the cars and the Colin Farrell. Luckily he is also a madly talented bassist so he obsesses about the music with me and we can carry on together about muscle cars versus english classics....very ungirly of me, then again I wasn't very girly to start with anyway.

I have a zoo at home which consists of 3 crazy Boxer dogs - Ciska, Morgan and Nuschka (the last two happen to be white and confuses people and I love that), an Oscar fish that has an attitude problem, 2 Cockatiels called Napoleon and Cutie pie that want to start a family but aren't allowed, a vicious but beautiful Golden mantled Rosella called Pipito and the delightful African grey Petro. There is a cat that does whatever she wants, the foxterrier that arrived emaciated at our front door and stayed and about 40 pigeons that insist on bringing their friends to stay and eat me out of house and home.

I have been with my boyfriend for 11 years now and still happy but not planning on marriage. I was lucky in finding a man that is content on indulging me my craziness and supportive of my choice to not marry or have kids - although the rest of the world is convinced that this is a phase that will pass - at least my mom knows that we are serious - they are just waiting for a happy accident to happen.... shame.


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    Just stopping by to say hello!

    TaraIsBack!, December 4th, 2007 at 11:29:46pm

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