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Bree D!!
Somerset. Tasmania. Aussie

Member since February 12th, 2007



NamE - BRee
D...o...B -- 25th of AUGUST 1993
AGGE --- fantastic 13!-!-!
HOME is WHERE the HEART is <3<3 Somerset-North West Coast-Tasmania-Australia-Earth
NiCkYnAmEs -.-.-.- Bree, Breeza, Bee, CC, Kandy and Banana.
grade .*. ___8___ class .*. ____D____
SCHool ... Burnie HIGH school... (GO BURNIE)
StaRSigN ~*~*~ ViRgO
RelAtiOnsHip StaTus -,-,- Sexual Single!
EYE cula {Hazel.Green}
Natural HAIR cula (((LIGHT BROWN)))
SHOE SIZZZZE *-----* 7 - 8
Mobile Phone Model/Type ____Samsung CDMA thing!____
FAmiLY :-:-: Mum, Tracey. Dad, MiChAeL. Sisters MADISON and EBONY. Brother, Jackson!i!

Favourites :_:_:_: Mobile Phone, Credit, Money, Music, Boyz, Computers, MsN, School, Sports, Netball, Athletics, Cross Country, Dancing, RedEye, Cinemas, Ma Mates, Drawing, Writting, Singing, Acting, Foooood, CHOCOLATE, Laughing, TxTn, Talking, Messing about, Uno, Max Green, Monopoly, Kissing, Lippy Gloss, Eye Shadow, Black Eyeliner, Waving to Randoms, Being An Idiot, Saying STUPID stuff, Partying, Going on roadTrips, Swimming, ShOpPiNg, Going Out, Being SINGLE (Jk Jk... I lyk having a boy), Heartagrams, ROCK MUSIC, Skaters Guyz, Thinking Stupid Things, Gerard Way, Being Smart at queer tyms,Camping, Roller Blading, Bikkkke Riding, GOSSIP, Girlfriend Mags, Coke, Maccas, THE OC, MTV, Pimp My Ride, Hanging Out, MIKEY WAY, WatchIng Movies and Um Lots more stuff Hehe...

Band That Rock!
1. My Chemical Romance.
2. Slipknot.
3. Escape The Fate.
4. The Used.
5. Bullet For My Vallentine.

Woo! Black Eyed Peas!

-o----Mikey Way----o

..._...|..____________________, , ____
....../ `---___________----_____|] <3
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"
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