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stuupid like a fox

stuupid like a fox
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4/21/07-so im gonna start with the night before. i was super excited and i prayed to God that the concert would be awesome. so i woke up really fast and i wasx like OMFG IM LATE! but its was 8 and i took a shower and got dressed really fast and went to go wake up my mom and she said"oh good your ready for church" and i was like CHURCH!? so that was like from 9 to 10 and then i said OKAY LETS GO,but my mom had to talk to jasmine's mom first(i went with jasmine. lisa and her brother Santi) and i was like c'mon. so they spoke and then we left and i got there at like 12 and then we were waiting for Santi to take us but he wasnt home so we waited and were like SANTI!!!! so he came and we were ready and hes like dont worry ive been to a million of these you can go at 4. GAWD!!!! so we waited and left and got there like 4:30 and the line was CAPACIOUS! we lokked at Santi w/ evil eyes. we waited 4hrs for the concert to start and MUSE WAS AWESOME everyone was standing there like WHO ARE THEY? we were the only ones jumping and singing along. everyone was staring but thats okay...i get that a lot. so MCR came out and Gerard's like "I POPPED OUT A RIB YESTERDAY IN TAMPA AND I CANT DANCE THAT MUCH SO IM GONNA ASK YOU TO DANCE FOR ME" but hes a liar bc he put all his might into dancing. the people were pushing and i was going forward and i was crying anyway so i just said my dad was up there and people let me throught andi was up front...THE BESTxD so he dedicated Cancer to the people that've been effected by it and i was crying even more bc half my family has it and/or is dying from it so ...yea. when he sang MAMA at the end when the instruments are still playing he said"A PARTY? A PARTY, FOR ME? YOU SHOULDNT HAVE"in the cutest little boy voice...incredible. he gave his all famous speech about talking to someone and i needed that and im working on it so...yeah that was the best(for me) the concert was TUBULER sp?!!!!!!!!!!! w/the confetti(jasmine wishes it was funfetti.=/) and sparks and fire...BEST MATCH! the only thing i regret is not having the carmera bc Santi took it bc he was like they're gonna take it so EXTRA CRYING for that. we went outside and my feet started hurting like HELL. we asked where the tour buses were and he said at the other side (and the arena is CAPACIOUS) but despite my"broken" feet we sprinted to the other side to find out that they werent coming out bc they were concerned about us not getting hurt and they didnt want a riot...i respect that, think about the fan: ) so we went home. i wouldnt trade that for the word is was the best[well obviously] and i needed it too so...mmmyep


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