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Fall Awake

Fall Awake
Coventry (chav central)... :(

Member since February 21st, 2007



Hey there! name is Hayley...i have just finished my A- levels, and im going to Nottingham University to Study Child Nursing on May 28th.......i live in a small villiage just outside of nuneaton called Bulkington...many people have not heard of it so i say i live in coventry...just to make life a bit more easier!! haha Im a very open minded person, and like to live life to the full!!!


Life is very, very short, and you can choose to live it how you want. You can choose to dumb yourself down and not express yourself just so you can fit in, just so people won't dislike you. Or, you can fuckin' live.-Gerard Way

Music has taught me alot about who i really am....but My Chemical Romance has taught me not to afraid of that anymore!!...thats its ok to be who i am....even if that makes me an outsider because their are people out there in the same boat as me!

None of my friends are really into rock this is a place for me to express myself, and share my love for My Chemical Romance!!... woo hoo!!!....

i have always loved rock music...i was brought up on mainly Pink flyod,The Who, Alice Cooper, Queen, and KISS, all of the classics.......but when i went to secondary school, none of my friends like that that sort of music so i hide away from it...and forced myself to listen to what they were listening too..mainly hip-hop...and r n b!....just so i could fit in!!....i listen to a pooular radio station that just played the same shitty songs over....and over again...i hadnt even heard of Kerrang radio!! i didnt even know that My Chemical Romance even exsisted!!...

I have only recently called myself a fan since... The Black Parde...i knew of My Chemical Romance, and fell in love with the song Helena, but because i was afraid of telling my friends that i was into rock music...i just shoved it aside..i liked lots of other bands such a green day at this point...but their was something different that MCR brought across in their music... i didnt heard from the band for a while.... so i dismissed it......but when Welcome To The Black Parade came on my local radio staion...about two years down the line....i was blown away!!...i remebered that it was the band i had like....and thought im not going to let this band walk out of my i did all of the possible research..and found out that they had two albums went out a brought them....loved them...understood what amazing..talented...special people they are...and how their music makes their fans feel.....and understood what there messgae was to their was a slap in the face for me....their music had taught me...not beat myself down thinking im strange for liking what music like, not to try and fit in...just so people will except me.....they have given me confidence...and taught me to start living my life....they are also the ones there who have helped through difficult things in life...such a and life.....they have given me a wake up call.....

Here are some songs and performances:

Honey this mirror aint big enough for the both of us (music video)

Headfirst for Halos

Our Lady of Sorrows (live in Italy 05) (credit to who ever took this..great job)

Famous Last Words (AOL)

Mama (Live KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas)

Cancer (Live $2 bill Show)

Helena (Live $2 bill Show)

Other bands I like are:

Muse:These are my second favourite band in the world...its like space music!!

These are some of my favorite songs and performaces!

New Born (Reading and Leeds)

Feeling Good (Reading and Leeds)

Stockholm Syndrome (Live)

Plug in Baby (live summer sonic 06)

I have to add this its so funny!!

Other bands that i like are:

Green day

Longview Live (Bullet in a Bible)

Hitchin a Ride (Acoustic)

Hitchin a Ride (music video)

Basket Case

Queen of the stone age

First that giveth

No ones Knows (Reading 05)

The Used

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

The Killers




Also thanks to
My Chemical Romance i also enjoy listening to:


My fav songs:

The Shining

Saturady Night



Astro zombies

The Dresdon Dolls

check these out!

Half jack live


Coin-operated boy (music video)

you should also check out The Jeep song!...i couldnt find a good quality video of the song!

I also have to add this, its so beautiful,

Credit goes topavournocturnus for making this beautiful video

This is a video about what gerard way represnts, he is looked upon by so many people including myself.....ive never known someone to have so much strengh, passion, and dedication to keep on living....its so uplifting that there is somone out there....who is so inspiring for many people...

.but we cant forget that if it wasnt for the other 4 member of the band...gerard would not have pulled through what he did....and i thank god every day...that someone who is so empowering on stage...with such great stage presence, and personal...yet still shy and ground..articulate person is shareing this world with us!!

Feel free to pm me..or add me as a friend..i dont bite

im currently making some avators, i will put them up once they are all finished!!!


  • jynxjester104

    you like dresden dolls too

    jynxjester104, November 11th, 2007 at 10:59:38pm

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