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New Zealand

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The Basics
My name is Erica-Wray, but never call me that! Only my parents do when they're in a bad mood and my teachers if I'm not exactly listening in class, so it's just Erica, or Reika, I don't mind.
I'm the grand old age of 17 and live in New Zealand... wow, so far away I know!
I live with my mom, dad, little brother, cat, two turtles and 25 (or so) goldfish. Along with Jim, my pet moose, that only I can see... or people who actually knows he's there. Jim lives in my backgarden and is a very upmarket moose because he only eats boiled cabbage.
I love the colour blue in any shade, though I'm also partial to Black, Red and Silver/Grey/White.
My dream is to become a librarian because I think it's just such a cool job no matter what people think and because I love books to peices. (I've read one book 15 times and still will not stop reading it over)
I'm addicted to my mom's homemade hamburgers, pizza, chocolate and sushi. Mainly sushi though. Up until the beginning of term 2 they would sell it everyday in my school tuck shop and I would always make sure I had $5 to get some. Only they've got new tuck shop ladies and they only get sushi on a Tuesday and a Thursday which SO isn't cool, (even though it is cheaper at $3). The tuck shop ladies excuse.... "We have more variety for you to choose from" my response "Yeah right!" They actually have less choice. My big question is though, WHERE AM I GOING TO GET MY DAILY SUSHI HIT?!
Never ever, feed me pineapple, strawberry or tomato or it kinda ends up making me sick and giving me hives.
Oh, and I don't like the sun because I burn easily... I can spend five minutes in the sun with no sunblock on and look like I've been out in the sun all day with no sunblock on instead.
I also have a calcium defficiancy, an allergy to anything that can make ya sneeze, and a balance problem. I'm also pigeon toe-ed, an athesmatic and short sighted.

A Real Social Darling
I swear that I know too many people for my own good because there is a hell of a lot of people at my school who know me and it's damn creepy since I don't even know all of them! Not really having a like for social interaction helps a hell of a lot. Generally at school functions you'll find me pressed with my back up against the wall just watching and trying to dissapear as one of the people who dragged me there makes an attempt to hook up with some guy.
I do have friends though! And they're quite close to me if it wasn't for Vince, Janneke, Katie T, Han, Laura S, Gary and Cory then I would be no where. I would also be no where with out the good friends I have made through the interweb. All of these people I am in debt to (interweb or not) for you are very kind people to a little lost soul like me.
I am very proud to announce (As of Tuesday 7th of August) that I have a boyfriend. His name is Michael Hill, but everyone just calls him Tubz. He's a total sweetheart and hugging him is like hugging a really big, walking, talking, breathing teddy bear and he's all mine so you can't have him!

Look At All Of That Talent!
I can play the harp, the guitar, the flute and I can sing. I'm in my school orchestra and choir. Which are fun, when we're not playing Harry Potter and singing A High School Musical (Thank you Mr Esquires and Mr Ronaye, I love you oh so much for those choices! ...NOT!...)
A lot of my friends say I have a natural talent for writing and that I should get my stories published, being the modest person that I am I flatly refuse because I like being able to write for fun.
I'm also very dramatic, even though I can only go part time to the school theatre sports group, though I do love going to shreds.

My Favourite Tunes
Now this is a really long list... or well, at least in comparison to my brother's which consists of, like, nine people.
My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Good Charlotte, Slipknot, KoRn, Greenday, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavinge, Son of Dork, Mcfly, Rooster, Simple Plan, Linkin Park, 48 May, Goodnight Nurse, The Killers, Smashmouth, Blink 182, Story of the Year, Kelly Clarkson, Hillary Duff, Lillix, The Veronicas, The All American Rejects, The Used, Nickelback, The Black Eye Peas, The Rasmus, The Darkness, Yellowcard, Steriogram, Goodshirt, Dying Wish, Sixpence None The Richer, Lostprophets, Panic! At The Disco, Breaking Benjamin, Alien Antfarm, Elemeno P, Mudvayne, Pink, Jet, Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds To Mars, AFI, American Hi-Fi, Angels & Airwaves, Cat Stevens, ELO, Dashboard Confessional, Dixie Chicks, HIM, Hinder, Matchbook Romance, Misfits, Queen, Operation Ivy, Nightwish, POD, Sandi Thom, Regina Spektor, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Sugarcult, The Kooks.

Will Never Leave Home Without:
My phone, MP3 player, lipgloss, wallet, keys, student ID, contact lubricant, glasses cloth, allergy pills, athesma inhaler and sense of humor.... it's amazing what I can fit into a small bag.


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