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Erica Fierce

Member since February 23rd, 2007


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About Me
what is there to know about miss erica. hmm
I manage to pull the parts of being both Lover and Fighter.
If I believe in one thing i care about deeply and will do anything to stand up for it. No one can change my opinions on much. although im very liberal and think we should all just be free happy children. I don't believe Homophobia, racism, sexist, or any prejudice acts. And don't like derogatory terms. It makes you seem uneducated and ignorant.

You can call me HeavenxHelpxUs, E-Lero, EricaFierce, or just Erica

My Interests
SKate4Cancer,,,,, and, I love make up, music, and photography.

Don't mean to point out the obvious. My chemical romance pretty much owns me. Not only because there music is mind blowing and meaningful but also because they are the nicest guys in the world and normal. they arent rockstar jerks. . they are just like you and me which is awesome!, i have been feeling techno lately. probably because of ShyannWay lol, i love all music really, i love rap especially Tupac and Too Short., I love gym class heroes, panic! at the disco, paramore, Another Hero of mine is Jeffree Star., He is amazing in so many different ways. He makes you feel okay about being different and even you dont like him you know its true.

HalfBaked, Dazed and Confused, Life on the murder scene, many more.

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!!!!!!! love him, family guy, the simpsons, scrubs, girls next door, and anything my chem related.

I love My Chemical Romance.

they are pretty much. everything to me.

My Chemical Romance
words cannot describe how i feel about this band. they are my. life. my lifestyle. i love them.

Frank Iero
My everything. He makes me the happiest person alive. His laugh alone gives me butterflies. he is talented, funny, nice, and gorgeous. He is a great a person that grew up from a broken home but still knows how to keep a beautiful smile on his face. Frank is my Heart.

Bob Bryar
My humor. Bob is one of the funniest kids out there. he makes me laugh so much. Interviews and the little comments he makes instantly makes me smile. He is such a good person and will do anything for his fans. and he is oh so talented! Bob is my Laugh

Gerard Way
My artistic side. Gerard is so amazing. when it comes to drawing, writing, and singing. You never know what you are going to get from this kid. he makes you feel okay about not being okay. he is just such a talented person. Gerard is my creativity.

Mikey Way.
My shyness. Mikey is so quiet and peaceful. he is a major sweetheart but you have to get started talking to him first lol. he is so humble. We both have our own worlds that we like to daze into occasionally. Mikey is my Whisper

Ray Toro
My Intelligence. Ray is a genius. He is a very talented musician that does stuff with a guitar i had never heard before. Hes the definition of over achiever. He makes me feel like i can do anything if i try hard enough. Ray is my Brain.

Mae West is a pimp. Google Her
Buzznet and youtube: HeavenxHelpxUs

bobs a pimp you can ask the hoe!!



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