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Pacman Died

Pacman Died
In A Hole

Member since February 25th, 2007


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My name is Jade
Im young enough to learn.
But old enough to understand.
I don't know if love is true.
Prove me wrong & show me.
I'm emotional and get jealous easily.
I can live with that.

I brush my teeth 2 times a day.
Everything is in order.
I'm impossible to live with.
I'm sarcastic & moody sometimes.
And i suffer with hyperness
But it's not such a bad thing.
I'm really just a really happy kid

You think i'm ashamed of the scars on my body?
No. No i'm not.
I've learned from my mistakes.
I love the person i have become.
And i plan on keeping it that way.
I've thought about topping myself a fair few times.
It's not worth it.
I'm still here for a REASON.

I'm affraid of falling for someone.
I'm scared of having someone be the reason i live
HAVING to trust them with my life.
To have them fuck me over.
It's happened before.

I'm soft-hearted.
And sometimes i think i care a little too much
Even though it might not show. [:

I like you
When i was a kid
I ate plasticine
I like the way it coloured my teeth purple and green
I love my Mister Rubber DuckLe
He's french

I never know how many na's there are in banananananas

I'm crazy
I love random stuff

I hate bugs
they creep me out

I like neon lightsticks
They make my underpants glow

I make sure bipolar bears don't harm the people who go camping in antartica
I fight them every day
People call me the bipolarbearfighterkiddo
The amazing super bipolarbearfighterkiddo..

I don't write on banananananas
because it makes them squishy
and i don't like squishy banananananas
they make me confuzzled
And that's when i realised that..
I have blue eyes.

and i will be like
Nice <3

Image CHARLIE<3 This is the hardest one to write...but ill give it a go. your the immature boy i couldnt stand to be around, who constantly got on my nerves, and i wanted to beat with a stick, you couldnt use a sewing machine for shit, and things u did got me angry, you called my fone from a few meters away just to make sure i didnt forget u were there, you poked fun at the holes in my converse, and the way i fuked over the uniform, my long black piggy tails and the cute beany thing i wore, not to mention my thick black rim glasses, u said i looked like a nerd, but a cute one. i thought i couldnt ever love a boy like you, the annoying rebelious immature boy everyone grew to hate, but wen we upset each other n we wouldnt speak id cry a little each time i thought about u. your the boy i grew to love. i missed how at lunch times, u sat behind me with ur arms around me tight , blowing in my ears to annoy me, so many girls wanted to be me, i missed how u came back to my class to get me after u got sent away n how u said goodbye n kissed my cheeks b4 u had to run to your bus because i made u late. your the boy i hugged soaking wet from the rain while we appoligized for bein angry. your the boy who left my skool and i cried over for days. your the boy who asked me to be your girlfriend on the third bike from the left in the arcade. your the boy i answerd with a simple nod of my head cus i was to overwhelmed to say anything. your then boy i stuffed up a perfect relationship with. the boy who i yelled at n screamed at n cried over cus i thought you broke my heart, n little did i no i was breaking yours at the same time. your the boy who told me u still loved me after it all. your the boy who took me back, your the boy who was on my door step with roses. only to eventually be hurt by me again, your the boy i cant seem to find the words to show how much i love you n how much i need you. and most of all how sorry i am. your the boy i promise to never hurt ever again. You are the reason i get out of bed everyday. Your the reason i sleep at nite, your wat gives me strength to live my life carrying a smile apon my face. You make me happy, you are the the life that keeps my heart beating, and you are the butterflys i have in my stomach, you are my everything, your the boy i want to spend the rest of my life with. Charlie i love you more than i can possibly ever tell you. you just have to trust me.


Image- omg, Coreybear!! Coriiee bear with a space and e. You are my best friend, ever. I know, how you feel. That all of this, from someone you've never met, is just kind of crazy, I know that too, but you are so special to me, and me, Razz I want you to know that I am always thinking about you, and I am always hoping to see you. You make me laugh at least once everytime I'm on MSN, Corey. Seriously. I wish that me and you could hang out more, just me and you, if anything, but we don't. I guess, we need everyone there to make everything work. I want you to know, what you mean to me. Everything. It means the world to me, when you tell me things that i Already Know, There have been a few times. I know I can't be everything to you Corey, your growing up, and you have more needs, but you will never be less to me. Your the world to me, your the sun, you brighten my day. Even when we don't talk at all, I'm just glad to see you on at all. Your so.. genuine. I've never met anyone like you. No one at all. Sometimes, your confusing. Like, i feel I don't get you, sometimes, I feel that, I suck. Me. That I just can't say the right things. I wonder what went through your mind. Did you ever think 'She's annoying >_>' I like you for being there CoreyBear, for always having my side. You appologize for things you don't need to.. And, you've never blamed me, ever, once. You always blamed yourself. Man, theres so much I want to say. Your so awesome, you know? And no one will ever understand our bond. I know you care about me, Coreybear, and I'm glad, I just hope you know that I knew you like a best friend. You are my best friend. And I really love you. ^^ *giggles*


  • Butters

    Yo, you can comment profiles now!, hows this new layout, i liked the other one better....:(

    Butters, August 31st, 2007 at 11:04:48am

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