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Amanda Young

Amanda Young

Member since February 27th, 2007




I've wrote alot I know lol but anywayz
Well hey!!!! My name is Charlotte, and I'm a huge My Chemical Romance fan. I love all their music and my favourite album is Three Cheers for sweet revenge, but it's too hard to say what my most favourite song is. I really, really hate MCR haters (not all) just the ones that go around telling the world what they think about MCR and having no respect for the people who do love them, they also think their opinion is a fact and won't listen other wise.
Most in life I want to become a lead singer in a rock band. I would mix Garbage, Evanescence, MCR, No Doubt and Nightwish but with my own style of music too, I would like to come under different genres but be considered a rock star. I would invent my own clothing style but inspried by Gwen Stefani, Amy Lee and Shirley Manson, as I love orignal outfits and clothes,. I love the whole thought of orignality. I'm going to start by going to singing lessons and then working from their, as I can't sing, so I was going to give up, but lately I've been seeing signs and I've decided to turn my dream into a reality. I'm quite shy a little outgoing at times, but most of the time I'm shy, but most stars were I listen to My Chemical Romance, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Shakira, Garbage, No Doubt and Evanescence mostly, I listen to many other bands too including Nirvana and Juliette and the licks...
I come from a happy family back ground, I'm close to my sister, we all go on holiday every year, the last two years have been America, we're going again next year for four weeks woo hoo!!!! lol I'm 18 this year too woo hoo!!!
I have a best mate who I love, hes a boy but just a friend lol. We have been best mates since the age of about 6, and we always have a great laugh as we are both funny and both have the same sense of humor.

Other things about me -

Sexuality - Bi - Sexual - woo hoo!!! I finally amit it to myself lol
and a girl I have a huge crush on is Shawnee Smith (known for the SAW movies) -


I love movies - mostly the Die Hard movies, the Saw movies (woo hoo!!), The Descent, Dog Soldiers, Ginger Snaps and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) MY FAVOURITE MOVIE IS SAW!!!!! lol and saw II, III, IV and things like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill

I luv Alias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow) Kickz butt lol I think it would be cool to be a spy for the American goverment working undercover for the CIA.

I'm caring, kind, nice, respect other people, funny (acording to others lol) I alwayz put other people before me. I'm also really quiet and shy when u first meet me, but then when you get to know me, I'm so different, u see another side.

I'm also into Playstation 2 (and Xbox) - I luv the games Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4, Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3 and can't wait for 4...I love the Tomb Raider games (too many to list) Resident Evil (All) The Sims (All) oh and The Jurassic Park game, where u make ur own park lol

other biggest dreams is to meet My Chemical Romance (possible), Marry Gerard (pure fantasy) lol But I can still dream lol Very Happy

oooh and even though I have depressive spells....I luv Life!!!!! lol








I luv

MCR!!!!!! and all members lol
Ginger Snaps
The Descent
Lacuna Coil !!!!
Hot guys
Daniel Craig
Red Hair
Jennifer Garner
guys that wear eyeliner lol
Metal Gear Solid games
Silent Hill Games
Friends (my friends and the TV show lol)
Saw Movies (and Shawnee Smith that plays Amanda)
Die Hard movies
Jessica Biel
No Doubt
My Family (and friends) and my cat lol
playing on my Xbox/Playstation 2
Make up
My bed lol
Melissa george
Juliette and the licks
Coke (the drink lol)
Being comfy

I hate

Marilyn Manson
Racist people
nasty people
Sluts - girls with no self respect and giving all girls a bad name
Stupid Girls - Listen to Pink's song, I agree with her 100% on this
Mcfly lol

oh and I hate the fact Alias is finished lol (It should have had at least another 2 seasons, so what if the rating's fell, they would have picked up again and had been as popular as when it was in it's first 3 seasons) It only had 5 Seasons Cry Well at least there might be a possible spin off. (Hopefully)


  • love like shit

    you like shakira?are you kidding me? you love MCR &shakira?oh sh*t

    love like shit, September 19th, 2007 at 11:22:55pm

  • love like shit


    love like shit, September 19th, 2007 at 11:18:19pm

  • konton.

    hello! ^ ^

    - yuri

    konton., August 29th, 2007 at 06:11:53am

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