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going everywhere.

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hey my name is anjalique. of course i love my chemical romance..but afi is cool too but we dont need to get into that :] anyways....about me. i love to hang out with people, expecially the people that i havnt seen in forever, and the people i always hang out with. i honestly do not care what you have to say about me or what you "label" me as cuz i know who i am. i hate posers and one of the people who actually care about the animals in this world. i like tattoos on people and i want some someday hopefully and also i would like more piecrings in my ear and two on my lip...but you know how that goes. i love photography and became obsessed with it when i was about 9 or 10 and now whenever i go on a trip, i usually have my camera right next me. i can get paranoid at times. im random and love random things. i am who i am and nothing, or anybody can change that. i enjoy having a variety of things and hate doing the same thing over and over. i love having fun and listening to music ++ hanging out with diana and syd.


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