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Candy And Cigarettes

Candy And Cigarettes
Sara Mother Fuckin' LaTurneau
Ferndale, Michigan

Member since March 7th, 2007


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I'm Sara, also known as Candy. I was graciously dubbed this by
The Duchess of Toro Sex.
I'm madly in love with the rock band
My Chemical Romance.
I'm a whore for fan fiction that envolves my beautiful boys,
especially stories that include
Ray and Bob.

Ray Toro is my hero. So engmatic and energetic, I become intranced by his amazing skill and talent when it comes to the guitar. If I were ever to become a guitar player, he would be who I would aspire to be.
He's also one of the most beautiful men on the planet. That amazingly thick mahogany hair and those big fulls lips. God made sure to tease us women when he smiled down on The Toro.

Bob Bryar is my homeboy. He's so amazingly shy and cute I just want to tear him open and eat him like a twinkie. Those baby blue eyes of his make me swoon, and I just want to nibble at his lip ring. And talk about hair!! Gosh, it's so beautiful and it looks so soft. I want to rake my fingers through it while he calls out my name.

I'm madly in love with him.


My internet personality is very different from my real-life personality. Online I will probably end up talking your ear off about totally random things, while in real life you couldn't get me to say anything at all. I'm an attention whore on the web, and I'm constantly posting either pictures of myself, friends or artwork in search for praise. In the world of the real it's nothing like that. I'm always trying to stay away from people, and I'm ALWAYS behind the scenes.

I love drawing. It's a passion of mine that I've had since I was very small. I always thought that making your own things was much cooler than just accepting what was out there. Much that influences me nowadays is manga and anime, which is why most of my recent works has that 'Japanese' flair. I'm also very swayed by the music that I listen to. Half the time the dark and depressing illustrations I have were drawn while listening to my dark and emo playlists. Those that are comedic and bright were probably drawn during a nice warm day whilst listening to guitly pleasure music.

I'm also a photographer, and one day would love to be able to take professional pictures of my most beloved of bands. I used to do primarily digital photos; that is until my camera was stolen and I began to take photography in High School. Other than the dark room being completely awesome because you're bathed in red light, the science of photography just enraptures me. It's almost like magic, if you didn't understand the process. Seeing something appear from nothing is AMAZING.
You should try it sometime.


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