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MCR island

Member since March 11th, 2007


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MCR is my life!!! lol ya well lets see! i can't live without MCR you can ask all my friends at school that. You can never see me without an MCR book or mag clenched in my hands! and one of my bff's Micheline you can even ask her she really knows! lol well lets see i'm pretty much a very random person who like chocolate cake, mashed patatos and butter sandwiches. My crush in My Chem would have to be Frankie yes he is so cute! lol i LOVE him and Jamia they are too cute togeather! i also LOVE buying a shit load of stuff from Skeleton Crew my friends call me a Skeleton Crew whore. Lets see my parents are split it still hits me hard and my older brother is over in Iraq wich has made me very depressed since last summer when he left for training. thats one way My Chem saved me from depression and from killing myself my parents still can't believe that they did that with their amazing music they thought it was crap untill i told my mom who it saved me! but my father still hates me for dying my hair black and wearing all black clothes. I like to call my mom the MCR mom because after she say MCR live she fell in LOVE with them! she also has a huge crush on MIkey Way ya kinda weird lol! but ya i LOVE meeting MCR fans and talking to them so talk to me all you want and i will talk back! btw i play guitar and bass i was also a lead singer of a band called Blade but that ended after are first show are drummer bailed and we couldn't find another one but i plan on making another band and i hope it works! oh ya and i also have my lip pierced the same side as Frank and i really want to get my nose peirced!


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