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Louisa [Ghost]

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Heya my name's Louisa
i absolutely can't WAIT for May 11th...MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE CONCERT!!!
if you ask any of my friends, they'll all say i'm obsessed and shake their heads at me :Laughing but i'm just like, TOO BAD, MCR ROCK MY WORLD
Very Happy

on APRIL 9th...
HAPPY 31st!!! HAVE A GOOD ONE!!! :

Anyways, here's a little MCR titles quotes story that i made up with all the song titles and album titles by My Chem, just to show a little of my appreciation for all they've done for me. I wrote this a few months ago, when i was waiting for my guitar lesson to start, and i actually managed to finish it within 12 hours =P. I don't feel like posting it for the stories thread, partly cuz this is probably the only story i have ever completed in my life - all the other ones i just started but never finished - so here it is. It's untitled, as of yet, but i don't really think it needs a title that badly. All the titles in it can make up for that Razz

So here it is.

Helena and I were best friends to the end. We lived on Cemetary Drive, where we used to watch the early sunsets over Monroeville. We worked in our cubicles, jokingly saying, "I never told you what I really do for a living," pretending we were somewhere else. I always told her she was headfirst for halos, but she just said, "Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us," then she hugged me and said, "Just give 'em hell, kid," and laughed.

We were disenchanted teenagers, leading the sharpest lives by the House of Wolves. We'd say, "Heaven help us, before we meet the end." We carried on, and when she had too much, she said she saw the skylines and turnstiles, and one day she'll take me there, us demolition lovers. Our romance made us famous, and when people came to see us, she said, "Thank you for the venom, but we have to go." Then she took me by the hand, and said, "This is how we disappear," and we did, to get away. But they caught us, and she asked me, "You know what they do to guys like us in prison?" Then they said, "Hang 'em high," but Helena said, "Please, we'll give you all the blood you need." But they laughed and said, "You could kill all your friends, and it wouldn't be enough." Then she chuckled and said, "You do this too much, you'll end up with cancer." Our little interlude was now over, and she seemed to realize it. Suddenly, she burst out in tears, moaning, "Oh, Mama..." She always was our lady of sorrows. I tried to comfort her, saying, "Hush, just sleep..." as we both cried. Then she seemed to calm down and she said, "Don't worry, the vampires will never hurt you." Then she wiped her tears and said, "Promise me, when I'm dead, you'll bury me in black, okay?" I stared at her, and she said, "It's not a fashion statement, it's a fxcking deathwish." She saw I was still crying, and she said, "Don't worry, it'll be alright. Just remember our drowning lessons, and sing our desert song when we go. We'll be alright." "Let's give our three cheers for sweet revenge, and be done with this," I said. Then i wiped my eyes and said, "I'm not okay, but I promise. The ghost of you's gonna haunt me though. But don't say I don't love you, because I do." She looked at me, and I said, "When you brought me your bullets, I brought you my love." Then she smiled, kissed me one last time, and said, "I knew my way home was through you. Let's show them what life on the murder scene is like." Then she took me by the hand, and said her famous last words: "The jetset life is gonna kill you." Then we welcomed the Black Parade, the blessed Black Parade...and you know what? That was the best day ever.

The end.

Tell me what you think! Smile


  • skitty.

    just saw you on the boards and am stopping by to wish you a happy birthday!

    skitty., August 16th, 2008 at 11:52:16am

  • Day Of The Dead


    how cute!!!
    hey btw!!

    Day Of The Dead, November 25th, 2007 at 08:29:49pm

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