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My name is Maria and I live in Finland. It's really my second name but I prefer it over my first one. If you really want to know my first name, PM me and ask.
I listen to My Chemical Romance, Green Day, The Used, Billy Talent, Fall Out Boy, The Misfits, Shakira, Pencey Prep, 30 seconds to mars, Leathermouth, Panic! at the Disco, HIM, 3 doors down, Coldplay, AFI, Linkin Park, Eminem, Sum 41 and Blink 182. So a bit of everything. And I'm always looking for new bands.

I have one real friend, and I've known her for ten years now. We have nothing in common, but still we are best friends. She is also the one that I went to see My Chemical Romance live in Helsinki with on July 3rd. It was definitely the best day of my life and I just hope that I'll never forget it. It was my first rock concert ever. My birthday is exactly one week later, July 10th. I also have my confirmation on July 15th. And then, I have two things to celebrate, considering that it's Ray Toro's birthday.
Feel free to add me as a friend, but not before you've talked to me. I don't like random people adding me. But talk to me randomly, yes. I love it when people do that. Except, don't come tAlKiN 2 m3 LyK dIs. Please. 'Cause I'll ignore you if you do that.
Also, ask and I'll give you my msn. But do not add me if you're not planning on talking to me. Ok?

_____July 3rd
My Chemical Romance
It was the best night of my life. The concert was truely amazing. My first rock concert, my favorite band. And after the show, Frank came out and I was the first one he gave an autograph to.
It felt really surreal to have him standing right there in front of me.
Too bad he came alone and Mikey wasn't there...

I think that love, rain, blood, and red roses are really beautiful, so don't be surprised if you find those from my stories. I'm also obsessed over vampires and angels(not the cute litle ones). And I love reading frerard, frikey, waycest, etc. stories.
My dream is to move to London, UK and become a decorator or a photographer. I also want to go to New York and Paris. I don't really care what others think of that.

The greatest people around Mibba are
and Emilee.

Also, I'm Isabel's half-cousin. And she's one of my favorite writers. Check out her stories and comment of course.

_______________My Chemical Romance
Unlike most of their fans, I don't have an 'MCR-saved-my-life' -story to tell you about. At least not yet. Sure, they've helped me through a lot of shit in my life lately and because of them I had the courage to tell the bullies at school to fuck off. But it's nothing more serious than that. I've never been too badly depressed.
Their music always makes me feel better, no matter how bad I feel. And I think that's the most important thing.
I just started loving My Chem about half a year ago and the first song I heard was Welcome to the black parade. But that doesn't matter.

Gerard: I personally(=among with millions of other fans) think that he's my hero. I know that every band member has had their own problems, but Gerard's struggles touch me the most.
I love his lyrics, they never fail to amaze me. His voice is angelic. In Early sunsets over Monroeville and Desert song for example, it's That's the only word that can describe it. I love it how he uses metaphores in his lyrics and they're just so beautifully poetic. And it doesn't matter that he can't really play guitar; he replaces it with other talents.
Mikey: Although I don't personally know him(or anyone else of the band), I'm still pretty damn proud of him getting over his depression. I think he's born to play bass and is very, very talented in it. I love it how he's the quiet one of the band most of the time, it kind of reminds me of myself. But I still wish he'd talk more in interviews 'cause he's a really funny man and owns a cute voice.
Ray: He's the best guitarist I've ever seen.
I totally look up to him. It's great that he doesn't really care about being famous or being a rockstar; that he really cares about the music and that's the most important thing.
Bob: He's a wonderful drummer, one of the best ones. He taught me not to take shit from anyone, and I thank him for that.
He's really cool.
Frank: Frankie; the crazy little goofball everyone loves. Seriously, his enthusiasm is overwhelming. I always love to watch him play. He's a great guitar player, singer and screamer. I also love his tattoos. It was amazing to meet him. He's currently my favorite one of the band, but I still love them all.

______________________Green Day
These three guys introduced me to punk music and rebellion. Without them I would not be writing this, I wouldn't be writing at all. Their song: 'Jesus of suburbia' inspired me to start writing, and here I am now. I can't even descripe how much I love Billie Joe's voice. It's just angelic.
I love their music from 1,039 Smoothed out slappy hours to American Idiot, it's all good. No, it's not good, it's amazing.
1,039 Smoothed out slappy hours is my favorite album from Green Day, it's so easy to relate to the lyrics, Billie's voice is terrific as always, and everything else is amazing too.
I don't honestly know where I would be now without them. Would I be dead? Possibly. Would I be happy? Possibly. Would I still have all my friends? Possibly. Would I still be the quiet girl dressing in pink clothes and listening to pop like everybody else? Possibly.
I owe so much to these guys and I'll be thankfull to them forever for making me stand out from the crowd, and to believe in myself. I have now more confidence, than I ever had before.They taught me to be an individual and to not care what other people think of me. I love them with all my heart and they'll always have a special place there.

________________A Green Day Minion

______________________The Used
I'm a new fan of this amazing band. I don't care what you say about them, or how creepy Bert is. And I don't care about the fact that My Chemical Romance and The Used despise each other or whatever. I love Bert's voice, and they have an unique sound. I fell in love with them with the first song I heard, which was 'The bird and the worm'. I can relate to the lyrics so well and their music makes me feel better, relax and smile. It depends on the song.
Every song of theirs is my favorite. And along with My Chemical Romance, they've helped me through a lot of shit lately.

It was a lie when they smiled...
______________And said you won't feel a thing.

P.S. Did you notice my hidden links? :]


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