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hi i'm michelle. i'm just a simple girl and i want to be with my friends.

i like to read but not much. i like music. i want to write a song but i can't so anyone who is reading this can send me an advice on how to write a song or a poem. i hate songs that have crappy lyrics. i also want to write a book (again please give me pointers on how to write a good book).

my friends say that i'm fun to be with, funny and sometimes "warfreak", well i don't know about that but i am kind of competitive BUT i'm also friendly and i would like to have friends rather than enemies.

i love the sky, it amazes me so much. i like to just stare at it.
i like the colors red and black... green is okay.
i like chocolates.
i like mysteries.
i want answers to the mysteries
i like so many things but i also hate so many things
i hate crappy lyrics.
i hate rats and cockroaches
i'm afraid of dogs but only those big and scary ones, i like puppies
i'm afraid of cats.
i hate too much pride or being boastful.
i hate those who are very arrogant

whoohoohoo T_T


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