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sumter sc

Member since March 30th, 2007



well........... i love sk8 boarding, but im pretty sure my new board wants to kill me. im a BIG book worm. most people say i look like my music teacher, but i think they are wrong. my freind says i look like gerard way when i have on alot of black eyeliner one, i think shes insane. i would like nothing more then to be dead. and i think my mom and step dad hate me for being gothic. i hate them to. i thing vampires and dragons r the shit. yet im not one of those nerds who palys dungeons and dragons. my brothers like 20 and still lives with his mommy. i dont claim my brother.......... or any of my family members. the only people i realy care about in my life is my best friend Cassie.
she is also gothic, like me.She is sooo cool.we have alot in common, like our liking in some guys, favorite bands, and of course we both love sk8 boarding. i can some what paly the guitar. im not all that great though. my cousin is the bomb. i always try to get lessons from him. i own an acoustic guitar. i think im gonna turn out to be suicidal when i get older. when i graduate from collage, i want to be a pro sk8 boarder. my favorite bands are, my chemical romance, and fall out boy. my favorite sk8 boarders are bam margera, and tony hawk. ive tried to kill myself by choking myself with my tie. I like to draw tear drops under my right eye


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