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South Australia

Member since April 2nd, 2007


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I'm Peroxide or Poomf.
I am a die hard MCR fan like anyone else on this site.
I love Greenday and nearly died of heartache when I realised I'd missed them with MCR on tour in Adelaide.
Um. I'm getting my lip pierced (Finally!) In a couple of weeks or so. Sort of as a stick it to the man. ROFL.... Mmkay. That was lame.
I Listen to alot of different sounds ranging from jazz to Heavy metal/screams. I'm music mad and one day I have no doubt in my mind i'll be working in the music industry whether it be, managing, splitting tracks, or writing my own music.
Um. I'm not an obsessive teenie fan like /some/ people. I'd like nothing more then to meet them and to talk to them. Get inside their head I spose... -shrug- You may not agree, but each to their own.
I can't stand people who dig at their chosen partners or get thoroughly depressed at the thought that they have an actual life.
/ You never had a chance before, your not gonna have one now! /

Sorry if I sound very bitchy writing this. I'm just updating all my accounts and well. Drinking coffee. So I'm alittle bit out of it ;DVery Happy

L I K E S: Reading, music, art (drawing and photgraphy), rainy days cause its fun to walk in, my bed, My dog Jack.

Pet Peeves: Missing tours, being away from the ones I love, Ipod running out of battery, teachers being stubborn arse bitches, going to an all girls school, pixilation, marking off days on calenders and in planners, not shutting a door, the light put on to wake me up, MY SPACE!!!!!!.

I love songs that just make you wanna turn it up, sing along until your chest hurts, dance until your feet are sore and you need to eat sugar just to stay alive alittle longer.

I think I just found my new home ^^,

My icons:

Introducing My Chemical Romance:

Cutest couples ^^,

I salute the bands and couples in the publics eye because of everything they have to put up with everyday. They get hated by teenies wanting to be the love slave of someone they hardly know - Falling in love with a personality that 9/10 times isn't the real them. They put up with so much and deserve to get recognised for that ^^,

I wanna especially congratulate Gee and Mikey for taking the plunge and getting married, they couldn't have found anyone better. And to Ray and Frank with their lovely girls christa and Jamia, I hope you have a wonderful life together.


B a n d s:
My Chemical Romance
Pencey Prep
Senses Fail
The Used
Taking back sunday
Escape the Fate
Billy Talent
Fall out boy
Plus 44
The Academy is...
Cute is what we aim for
Iggy pop and the stooges
Hello Goodbye
The Horrors
Atreyu and Aiden
Blink 182
The Ramones, The Clash, The sex Pistols etc...
Bullet for my Valentine
Black Flag
36 crazyfists
Funeral for a friend
hawthorne heights
The matches
The misfits

(SORRY! I tried to keep it as short as possible)

Um... I don't really have much of a closing statement to put down so i'm just going to leave my favourite quote:

"Jealousy is that pain which a man feels from the apprehension that he is not equally beloved by the person he entirely l o v e s" Joseph Addison


  • D!senchanted.

    Eh, I'm...impatient. I want a new update on the Frerard I'm reading. :/

    D!senchanted., September 2nd, 2007 at 06:57:42am

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