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Member since December 4th, 2005



Hey my name's Sam =)...add me on

The first ever MCR song I heard was Im Not cousin thought they were a different band and kept in on the music channels
My parents, ex mate (Azz) and my cousins (Amy and Jody) introduce me to all my fave bands...they're mint as hell

I enjoy writing a reading fanfiction
But not kinda scares me =/

I live in North Wales
Im 15, 16 on April 24th.
I have ace best friends called Kirsti, Liane and Becki along with some other madheads.
but have friends here on INO...their name's are; Simone, Haley, Rose, Charlotte...well all the people who read my fics cause they're ace

Im totally different in person then I am on the net
Im usually dead shy until I get to know people really really well
I get really upset if I think Ive hurt your feelings and worry about it for days
I totally am addicted to Dr Pepper, galaxy chocolate and blue WKD =) oh and i say 'mint' a hell of a lot...when I say it I mean 'really really good' or 'ace'
My favourite author is Harlon Coben...
Im really short and get reminded about it EVERYDAY by my mates

I have:
1 dog named Benn (after a boxer named Nigel Benn)
1 dog named Zac (named after Zacky V from A7X)
1 horse named Badger (after no one in particular)
1 pony named Osian (said Osh-an)
and a guinea pig named Snowy (yes she is white)

my idols include:
All of MCR
All of A7X
All of Cobra Starship
All of Mindless Self Indulgence
Alicia Simmons
Audrey Kitching
Jac Vanek
Valary Dibenedetto

I Heart these code thingys

I went to my 1st MCR concert on 13.11.06 and met Gee and Frank =]
My 2nd on 24th March 2007 and met Frank
and my 3rd on 13th November 2007 and fell in love with MSI

It annoys me how people only like Mindless Self Indulgence because of Lyn-Z and Gerard getting married.
They're a great band who deserve to gain fans on their own accord.
I refused to listen to them until I saw them live...I wanted to like them for their music not their band members...I ended up loving I do with most support bands I go and see =/

Talk to me cause I <3 chatting to people =]

It is now my goal in life to win an INO award!

Why did I write this much?


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