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in a field of paper flowers

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I am Lissa. Pronounced Lis-sa, not Lee-sa.
I'm 17.
Most people would say I'm a loyal, trustworthy, caring, honest, loving person and friend. And I tend to keep it that way! Cause its true! Very Happy

My my life. I wouldn't be here if i didn't have him. He is my sunshine..and he makes me happy when everything in this world seems so gray. We plan on being together forever...even when we die, and go to heaven. I love him with everything I have.

I have S.A.D ( social anxiety disorder ) I will most likely be really shy when i first talk to you....but that changes after awhile.


Katie (Cheese), Andrew, and Wendy....they are all amazing!
All my other INO buddies rock also. XD

I favor !!!Rock!!! music out of all the other genres. Metal, Punk, "Emo", Indie, you name it, I like it.
>>>One of my fav bands is MCR (hence why im on this site in the first place.)<<<
>>>Other bands I like include H.I.M., Avenged Sevenfold, AFI, Senses Fail, Death Cab For Cutie, The Used, Transplants, Panic! at the Disco,Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and lots more (I don't feel like writing all 18946378 or them. Wink ).<<<

My goal is to be a Graphic Designer/Photographer when I grow up. yay!

Here are some stuff me likes:
Rock Music Very Happy
Graphic Design
Video Games
Hot Topic
Stupid Jokes
Random and Weird Things
and Peanut Butter Milkshakes.

Here are some stuff me dislikes:
....ok I don't dislike a lot of things....just rude, snotty, snobby, judgemental, careless, and heartless people. The nice ones don't bother me hehe Smile

Here is a freakishly long quiz that I stole from my buddy Wendy!!


1: Favorite color- gray
2: Favorite book- catcher in the rye
3: Favorite movie- V for Vendetta/Nightmare Before Christmas
4: Favorite website- currently' shizzle.
5: Favorite subject- Art Smile
6: Favorite song- Heroes by David Bowie Smile
7: Favorite band- thats too hard
8: Favorite animal[s]- i heart all animals
9: Favorite food-
10: Favorite Drink- arizona green tea
11: Favorite shirt- any one from Hot Topic. Smile
12: Favorite candy- chocolate Reeses
13: Favorite poster in your room-all my' shizzle?
14: Favorite TV show- any obnoxious show (family guy, jackass, south park...etc.)
15: Favorite item you own- my special ring
16: Favorite ice cream- cake batter..yum yum!
17: Favorite MCR song- Cemetary Drive/The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You
18: Favorite Hat- i dont wear hats
19: Favorite room in your house- my room lol
20: Favorite video game- both of the Kingdom Hearts games
21: Favorite pair of earings- i got too many to chose
22: Favorite bracelet- my ruby and pink sapphire one <3
23: Favorite color nail polish- black or red
24: Favorite pair of shoes- all my flats Smile
25: Favorite Person/persons in the worldddd- Derek <3
26: Favorite skateboard trick- i cant skateboard. Razz
27: Favorite smell- vanilla or any kind of flower
28: Favorite CD- dont know
29: Favorite Actor- i also dont know
30: Favorite thing to do out doors- probably go hangout down town in the park...on the grass and just look at the water..its peaceful..its more awesome at night tho. Smile


31: Contacts or glasses- doesnt mater.
32: Hair gel or hair spray- hairspray!!!!
33: Vans or Converse- converse............and vans slip ons
34: Skinny jeans or flarred out jeans- skinny jeans!
35: AIM or MSN- AIM
36: Punk or screamo- both
37: Top hats, or beanies- abe lincoln! (top hats)
38: Skulls or rainbows- a skull at the end of a magical rainbow
39: Pizza or mac&cheese- pizza
40: Warped tour or Taste of chaos- warped tour.
41: In or out- idk what this relates to
42: Zim or Gir- GIR!
43: David Bowie or Freddie Mercury- DAVID BOWIE
44: Leader or follower- im my own person Smile
45: Pirates or robots- pirates
46: Sponge Bob or Patrick- patrick...he too stupid...and i love it!
47: Pen or pencil- pen
48: MTV or Fuse- VH1 or MTV2
49: The black parade or Revenge- revenge
50: The black parade or Bullets- bullets


51. Rap- it aint my favorite...but i dont mind listening to it
52: Bam Maragera- i like his show...but hes ok
53: Jeffree Star- one crazy guy/girl...but i like him/her
53: Courtney Love- like
54: Hoodies- like
55: Radio- dont listen Razz
56: Messanger bags- used to like, but they became a pain
57: School- hate
58: Clowns- are fine...just not Pennywise :S
59: Instant messaging- like
60: White Chocolate- mmm good
61: Racism- disgusts me
62: Tattoo's- like
63: Skateboarding- dislike
64: Homophobics- they need to be more not a big fan of them homophobes
65: Your birthday- dislike
66: Getting your picture taken- only if i take it
67: Coffee- Lovey
68: The rain- LOVE
69: The mall- like
70: Old TV shows- some are good


71: Skater , "girl pants"- yes
72: Skinny jeans- yes
73: Band Tee's- sometimes
74: Converse- used to
75: Top hat-no
76: Arm warmers- used to
77: Sweat pants- not really :S
78: Sweater vests- no
79: Overalls- i dont think so
80: Jump suit- nooooo
81: Ballet flat, shoes- yes!
82: Skirts- yes!!!!
83: Novelty shirts- yessums.
84: Anything used- yes
85: Plain shirts- yes
86: Jeans with holes/ripps in the knee's-no
87: Fur- no
88: Feather boa- no
89: Breathing mask doctors wear- i wouldnt look good with one Razz
90: A shirt that is your least favorite color- puke green=gross


91: Bungee jump- no im terrified of it
92: Go in Aeropostale- they are too expensive!
93: Watch horror movies alone at night- no im a pussy
94: Fly on an airplane- as long as its not oversea. but i dont like flying at all Sad
95: Start a food fight at school- no
96: Shave your head for a bet ((this means if you lost a bet, would you actually do it or refuse))- no
97: Move to wherever in the world you wanted, but this means you'd have to move away from your friends- yes, but they could come if they wanted Smile
98: Try puplic speaking- ive done it. and i get nervous and my face gets hot. not pleasant.
99: Sneak the car at night, even though you don't have a license- there no way i can get out of the house sadly.
100: Sleep in a cemetery- thats creepy :S

If you wanna be friends, lets have a chat shall we? If your quick to judge, don't bother talking to me.


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