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Intoxicating; Poser.

Intoxicating; Poser.

Member since December 5th, 2005


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You're kidding, right?
You can't be serious
Hahaha. Funny.


Hey, so you want to know about me? Perv. (XD) Well.. I live in Utah. Um.. I make fun of people at my school for no reason and fake-attack a lot of my guy friends. Some of my friends *look* preppy, but they have not-so-preppy personalities... So, enough about my friends. Let's talk about me! Because that's what all you sexy little people want to know about, right? *crickets* ...Pfft.
My name's Erin! I will not read anyone's fics if they cannot type correctly, or don't put spaces between puncuation marks. I hate that.
I take Tae Kwon Do, meaning I can kick your ass. A few days ago I took my high-brown belt testing and passed [yay me!], but I kept freaking out about doing a spinning-heal kick for my board break, which I didn't even feel. -.-'
I call people names alot. I also make fun of every one of my friends. If you don't like it, don't talk to me.
Personally, I like slash, but I hate trying to write band fan fictions because then I could be royally screwing up their personalities [like I did with the first few stories I tried to write when I first got an account...], so I'm not going to try.
Most of the time I get on here I'm in homeroom. I'm overly lucky because my homeroom teacher has computers and just lets us screw around on them the whole time we're in the class.
Now... I get serious mood swings [no, it's not from PMS like all those assholes say]. Sometimes I'm really hyper, sometimes I'm really bitchy, sometimes I don't want to be bothered, but most of the time I'm perfectly happy around my friends.
Let me tell you, though, I would rather sit in my room listening to music than deal with my parents. I have a tendency to fight with my mother daily. I don't need your sympathy, though. That's just one of the reasons I'd be bitchy to you, if I am.
Lately I've been taking to having to remind myself to pay attention for no reason, so if I'm asked to comment on poetry/stories/etc. I'll probably have read it and forgotten to post on it. Just saying...
I'm open to anyone who wants my opinion on their writing or a social problem. Honestly, though, I'm a huge hypocrite, so if I tell you something and do something to the contrary, I'll probably refer to that "Do as I say, not as I do" quote.
One thing you have to know; I love everyone unless they're assholes, I'm as loyal as a freaking golden retriever, and I will not let anyone push my friends around.
I'd like to do a moment of reminicing; once some new kid dumped a plate of grotesque school turkey on my friend's head so that he could be in the "cool" crowd of boys. I'm fairly sure he's sterile now, but I might've needed to knee harder.
Well, that about does it; the period's almost over. Hope you enjoyed waisting your time reading this! I tried to make it as pleasureable as possible.


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