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I could write a million things about me here, But the real question is ' What do you need to know about me?' an I have the exact answer to that.

I am not a My Chemical Romance Obsessed Fan, I do not own them, An I do not wish to marry them. I believe Their music Is good, but It does not Over power every thing else I listen to. I do not believe they are God's and I do not believe They make the world go round.

Some of you, Or most of you, Are going to hate me for saying that but it is my opinion and it is simply my view. You have yours and I have mine, Do not disrespect mine and I wont disrespect yours.

Now that I have said that I would like to say I do not listen to one genre of music, Just because I may look like I listen to one specific Genre you are wrong so please do not judge me or place me on that.
I am not crazed over the way people look, I am simply a perfectionist and a bit O.C.D so please do not kill me if I point out Spelling mistakes, Bad wording or Flaws in things I read or see, Also please do not hate me for my already noticeable flaws and imperfections, an please don't point them out.
I am fifteen years old, I am in high school, I prefer cigarette's over weed, I drink on occasion, I don't do drugs, I party a lot and I do not hang with one group of people. I am friends with everyone, till they piss me off or try to change my life style. If you have to call me any thing call me a Juggalette but honestly I do not live by stereotypes or cliche' actions, So do not categorize me. I have a Myspace, Live journal, Mibba, and I'm making my own website. You can speak with me on my Aim screen name, which is: Iminyourehead.
Do not let this mislead you in to thinking I am a mean and horrible person, I am simply a sweet person with a strong opinion and a strong out look on life. An if you are wondering about Religion and what I believe in I will tell you that I am Atheist, I simply do not believe in god, heaven, Hell or Satan, I believe that when you die you are a soul wondering the earth.. nothing more, nothing less. Do not stress you religious views on me, It will not change how I see this.


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    Curb Stomping, It's fun you should try it.

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    Bill Kaultiz[tokio Hotel] What keeps me awake at night.

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    My Morning, Afternoon, Night and all The time between Saviour.


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