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Ask Your Mum ^_^

Member since April 12th, 2007



Wassup, Home Slice?!..word. *gangsta sign*
Halt Fiend!!!!
Yo, Im Azii...
Nananana! Batman!!! Woop!
I Have Arms And Legs And Ears And Eyes...
I Am A Sock, Be Very Jealous!!
My dog is super sexy...
If you lick the middle bit of a Crunchie makes a funny noise *giggles* - Me And Ostrichs Mad Moments
Fire-Man Sam Is My Bestest Bumly-Chum;; =D
Winnie The Poohs My Pimp;;
I Have A Bunch Of Chickens. They Like To Do My Homework For Me...
*turtle falls on back* Oh Damn... Not Again;;
I Bum Rape Scene Kids;;
I Am Short But Apparently Intimidating...*thinks*
Im Not Short...Im Fun-Sized!;;
I Like Dinosawrs;;
Im Scared Of Clowns...&& Possibly Jesus.
My Music Tastes Better Than Your Grandpas;;
Unicorns Are Purdy;;
Katie, Do Yew Think Ant Finds My Glass Eye Intimdating o_0... *Chases After Plastic Hamster Ball, Screaming; My Eye!* It Turns You On... Admit It =D;;
Its Fun To Poke Golfish Thou One Of My Friends Claim Their GoldFish Exploded When They Did That... *Giggles*
I Like Dancing In My Underwear =P;;
My Friends Try To Bum Ice-Cream Men...
Im Bisexual;;
Im Pretty Random, I Like Rolling Around On The Floor, And I Run Into Stuff, Thou That Cant Be Helped... I Do It Anyway;; =D
Im A Magnet To Anything Out Of The Ordinary... Normal Things Bore Me;;
Ive Counted To Infinity Before... Yes My Life Is That Boring;;
I Have A Live In The Moment Sort-Of Personality And My Parents Belive That It'll Either Get Me Killed Or Land Me In Prison;;
Im Have A Tiara!!! Woop Hehe!!
one last thing
katie loves me.
she just wont admit it.
one day she will realise her love for me
and we will flee the country together.♥

-And Thats About It...
Except Im Physkick.... Yet Im Not..
My Many NickNames;;
Az;; Azii;; Jazi;; Jazz;; The Glitter Fairy;; MincyMouse;; Mindy;; Ariel;; Bella;; Eddie [dont ask];; Hey You!! Due To My Lack Of Popularity;;
Luffles Mucho, ♥♥♥♥<33
Peace Out A-Town Down x_X
I Want To Pet Yew =]
PS: [Yew Have A Bug On Your Shoulder o_0]
And Oh yesh, katie... Faybian ♥

M = My♥
C = Chocolate♥
R = Raisins♥

My Pokemon Bring All The Boys To The Yard,
And There Like Do You Wanna Trade Cards,
Damn Right, I Wanna Trade Cards
Coz I Can Beat You, Coz I Got Charizard <33


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