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im your closet

Member since April 20th, 2007



ok,imma tell it straight up.i live with my dad and my mom is a bitch. i only have one thing to live for and that is softball and my friends.

if it wasnt for my friends i wouldnt be here today. i am bisexual and proud, dont judge people be4 you know them!!!. i hate when people judge me be4 they know me, then i get put down and discriminated just bec. the only thing they know about me is that i am bisexual and that they think that is gross and im a freak or somethin. i dont care if you dont like me or not, but i would like to get to now more people and have more friends. i love writing poetry and listening to fall out boy, my chemical romance, and alot of other stuff.

i love to sk8board,and i am emo/gothic. my best friends name is peyton. she is sooo awesome we have alot of stuff in common. like we both love bam!! yea well my life is pretty much boring ,iget bored really easily and then start doin crazy ass stuff! and dont ever give me chocolate because i will go crazy,and act really really stupid!! well bye bye if u wanna know any thing else message me.

I live 4 three things im this world, SOFTBALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY!


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