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My MCR Story

Well let's see, the first time I ever heard MCR was from the I'm Not Okay video. I thought they sounded pretty good but I thought they dressed weird. Once I saw the Ghost of You video, I fell in love with them. I begged my mom for their cd but she said that the cover looked evil so I couldn't get it. But then 8th grade came along and The Black Parade came out. Things changed from 6th [I'm Not Okay came out] to 7th [ MCR was in hiding] grade. I was really into the punk scene. I loved how MCR dressed. I dressed like them. But I still couldn't get the cd because it was parental advisory. So I went shopping one day and bought their first cd at f.y.e. After that I was able to go shopping without my mom for christmas presents for her, or so I said. And I went and bought The Black Parade. Over christmas break I went shopping with my friend and I bought Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and Life on the Murder Scene and my first MCR shirt. I was becoming a real fan. I lisented to their cd's non-stop and researched MCR at school. I became a hardcore fan. I found out everything about them, and I mean everything. MCR had become the object of my affection and I talked about them all the time. My mom had relized that I really found something I enjoyed and we bought my first tickets to an MCR concert in February 2007. I counted down the days until that concert from around 80 till the day before. On April 28, 2007 I saw them live. I was in seats on Frank's side right up against the blockade for the floor seats and about 50 feet away. It was the best night of my life. I have been a fan of MCR since 2004, but I have not been a hardcore fan until 2006. MCR is my life. MCR saved my life. I would be nothing without them.

About Me [No MCR Included]

Well my name is Brittany. I have a million nicknames! My biggest fear is spiders. I'm trying to become a vegetarian/vegan. Well, I almost am. I don't eat meat except chicken because my mom wants me to. It's easy to do because it's something I believe in but it's hard when my mom forces me to eat meat chicken. I have braces and it sucks bad! YAY! Their FINALLY gone! I can play piano and a little bit of guitar. My biggest addictions in life have been french fries, gummy bears, and mashed potatoes. I write songs/poems and I've gotten one published so yay for me! If you leave me a message I will reply it! Or I'll at least try. I hate it when I send someone a message and they don't say anything back. I try to be an honest person. I'm an open book, most of the time. I don't judge people on first impressions but I do judge. I tell it like it is but if I really care about you then I'll tell you the truth but in a nice way. I cuss alot. Not really on here cuz I have to type and I don't think to type fuck or shit or something like that. I am the most tickelish[sp?] person you will ever meet! I'm not kidding what so ever! If you come up to me and poke me in my side I will jump up and scream!!! NO LIE!!! I have recently found out that I do not laugh but I giggle so instead of putting LOL I now put hehe! I also tend to talk like really fast and say like alot. I probably won't on here because I have to type it. I am officially on the SCHS Scholastic Bowl! Yes that means I'm a super nerd!

Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew is Frank Iero's clothing line/record company/book publishing company. They have amazing clothes and great bands. LEATHERMOUTH is a band that is on s//c where Frank is the singer/screamer. Check out Skeleton Crew and find me. My username is crying4you but my desplayname is XxshotgunXsinnerxX

Paramore Forums

Paramore Forums is quite like this site but for Paramore fans. I am up there! Come find me! I'm xskeletonxcrewx just like on here.
Paramore Forums



  • Coldwind3

    lol! I love Frank!

    Coldwind3, December 4th, 2007 at 09:25:00pm

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