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Im chemically_romanced... (duh). Growing up the kids at school have always had something against me. This year instead of my usual loner label(and others) this one chick(Candace Gerards) started spreading a rumor that I WAS BI!!! i freaking HATE that chick's guts and i vow my revenge(<3) on her!!!! I ablsolutely love my chemical romance.( y else would i have an account on this site??) Im really weird.... i LOVE Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons and practically every scifi flick ever made. I have "problems"?? yeah.... My friends mothers really dont like me. They dont want me hanging around w/ their normal daughters. w/e.

This year has been very...odd. This dork has been stalking me and he won't stop!! Most people think it would be cool or something to have a stalker b/c they think that they would like the attention from the person. But it actually is kinda creepy how they never leave and are always watching you. Trust me, im speaking from pure experience. Also, this guy asked me to the movies. Don't get me wrong, i actually like him( unlike my stalker) and when he asked i could tell that he was so nervous. Made only worse by the fact that had to turn him down. HE LOOKED SO SAD!! IT WAS SOOOOOOOOO HEARTWRENCHING!!! Sad His name was Chris. He plays percussion in the school band. I play flute( a thing most people find hard to accept and b/c im very talented at it. I play "beautifully" according to my band director Very Happy See! we would make a good couple! Two band geeks! At least according to my friends we would....

One time i had a blonde moment( kinda hard since i have black hair) It happened in band. We got this 2 pg. Concert song and i raise my hand and go" Mr. Walkup, how do we switch pgs. when we're plaing?" and then he goes"You'll have the pgs. side by side". and then im like"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH i knew that!"

I have really geeky interests. I play the flute in the school band. I'm first chair( the BEST chair). Most people find that really odd. I have a stuttering problem. I have these little flashes of depression and i HATE them. I also have mood swinngs a lot. I go bi-polar on my friends and family. I am not at all close to my parents or siblings. We just have our moments. All other times i hate them and at others i feel that if they were to die, i wouldn't care at all. I know that sounds really cold but thats during my flashes of depression.

-Why people always laugh @ me when im just standing there
-Why Ive always been a loner kid
- Why other kids are scared of me
- What caused my fear of ...
- Why I see nothing in myself
- Why other kids are always talking about me
- Why i was called bi
- Why teachers think im such a good kid
- Why the councerlers won't leave me alone
- Why i will never understand any of these things

" Gerard Way sang 'life is but a dream for the dead'. Does that mean that death is but a dream for the living?"
" If MCR were to go to hell, i would go with them"
"Does grass grow at a certain angle"?
" Kids dont like me, i think b/c im weird or...something".
" I can tie a tie"!!
" Just b/c someone says not to do something doesnt mean people wont do it".
" If people weren't weird, everybody would be boring and there wouldnt be anything to talk about cuz everybody'd be the same"
" How did fish aquire a taste for worms? They usually live on land.. and fish... are in the water..."
" Can we go on an Easter egg hunt"?
" Incest is kinda gross"
" Dont take pictures of your eyes. The flash really hurts".
"Gay marrige should be legal. Its not their fault if they're gay or lesbo. Besides, what harm would come of it"?
" I have lesbian friends."
" I'd rather be a dog then a cat".
" Can i be Batman? I wanna be Batman!"
" I burnt my finger while straitening my hair. It hurt".
" I like Dr. Pepper".
"I hate it that i stutter. Just HATE IT"!!!
" I like my hat. Chris gave it to me"!

On Wednesday( the 30) i started going out with the Chris guy person as mentioned above. YAY CHRIS! ill post a picture if him.Smile

- i plan on forming my own band
- i live in my own world
- i could care less about what you think. really. not all the time though. B/c u could probably care less about me.
- my bunny's name is Bunny Gerard
- I want color contacts


  • chemicallyxromanced we're kinda like the same, im weird, obsessed with MCR.....PIERCING COOL......=D lol

    chemicallyxromanced, August 6th, 2008 at 09:59:50am

  • wabagoo

    hi i like ur profile.... u sound preetttyy much exactly like me... wow creepy... but cool

    wabagoo, June 14th, 2008 at 01:15:29pm

  • mikey_way_love_033

    hey whats up

    mikey_way_love_033, October 9th, 2007 at 10:08:19pm

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