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Screw You Hippie

Screw You Hippie
Hicktown Nowhereland

Member since May 20th, 2007



Ummm. I tried this a couple times but my friend never saved the page. Her name is Shelley AKA Umbrella Academy. Ummm... Yeah Im so much better than her. No kidding either.Victory

Okay, I think Ill try this again. Im new to liking My Chemical Romance. I know people are probably going to hate me for this. I was forced into listening to them by Umbrella. But now I thank her for it.

Im the one who got to the position of leadsinger in Pink olives. I dont think its going anywhere though. We have no idea where to get a drummer.

I have a sister named Diva. She is very lovable and one of my best friends. She is a dog. My brother is an idiot. My parents are WAY too protective. They think Im a whore too. I have no idea why either. I dress in a lot of layers and I dont wear make-up.

I like to meet new people but I have a hard time doing it. I had to go to a new school where I met my best friends. They are Mexi-penguin, Asian-Gerbil, and Umbrella. (Nicknames on them obviously.)

I like to write. Right now I am working on a story with Umbrella called A Tale Of Sloths Vortexes and Cancer. Its a heart wrenching comedy that has absolutly no plot. Thats how cool we are.Cool

Thats all for now so Please PM or Add me. That would be really coolCool!

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