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The Deadist Place in America

Member since May 20th, 2007



Hello its me again...
well a little about myself..
i don't like myspace that much... it caused too much drama for me and my friends..
ONE sorta funny about me is i listen to HEAVY METAL..and the only other thing i would listen to is my chemical romance... most of my friends give me alot of bullshit about it...
(damn FUCKERS)
i play guitar now... i like playing metallica... and i'm still working on lamb of god music... above all i enjoy playing mcr music it's it's unique..
i'm down to my last days in school... and i still don't know what i'm gonna be..
but one thing i learn from mcr music...
why be afraid to keep on living.
just because i don't know what to do... doesn't mean i should end it.
YES, i was suicidal.. my parents were and still are acholics... they would usually get violent... family fighting... my one best friend passed away and she was my one way ticket away from hell.
i lost a loving family member too cancer..
it was hard too watch her slipp away soo painfully..
i began sneaking beer from my parents and started to drink...
i was expelled from school.

i ranaway..
i live in a desert.
when it was dark.
i was scared..
i listen to tooo many native meth legends..
like skinwalkers
-one that scared the hell out of me is they run on there knees and elbows.
and wearing animal skin..
yes they can fly..
the 'demon spirit' gives them power..
-they well likely witchcraft you if they see you..
some of the real shit that happens is
-extremely unbarable nightmares
adding that the sun went down and i was on the highway 666.. wasn't much helpfull.
one crazy shit i saw was..
i saw a glow figured man
running towards me..
it looked like he was running fast but he was moving extremely slow..
i can't describe it in detail..
my friend said she was playing by the river with her cusins.. and she saw a little kid like shadow.. running.. towards them.. when she saw them he had red glowing eyes and sharp teeth smiling right at her... at that point she screamed all the way home.. who wouldn't?
there are alot of talks about light figures running by fast..
oh one thing about skinnywalkers
they can put something in you.. like for example..
a bear's bone...
and that causes you to fight with your siblings..
they one way you can get it out is by going to the medicineman... he can reverse it and find out who did that to you.
again it's scary as fuck going to the medicine man..
Lately the one thing that happen to me is that i was sitting at this same exact computer and at the corner of my eye i saw a glare..
and i looked to see what it was.. it was a face staring into my home... i was like WTF!?!?! IT WAS NOT A ORDINARY HUMAN FACE!
awhile back...
i heard a gunshot go off..
the next day i found out someone killed two guys and one girl right in back of the head...
everyday everyone waited for the news too see if the guy was captured..
one day i saw a painting of the shiprock rock and it was beatiful... until in the heard of sheep.. i spotted a cotoye's head on a human body walking to the side... that kinda got me mad! i mean what kind of guy would paint a skinnywalker in a painting.. that's gonna hang in the school?
all i know is that ONE GIRL broke down crying in front of the painting...
idk why..
the last couple of days there was a record breaking school fights..
15 fights in one school day..
and my middle school was haunted who in the hell thought i would be a good idea to build a school on top of a old indian cemetary?
those are some of the reasons i called this place hell on earth...
i wanted to runaway.. there was one moment i thought.. of all the shit that happens... everything was on crack.... i was... i needed to leave..
since my 'running away' plan failed to work...
i thought of suicide...
suicide would be the answer..
going into the hospital..
I Discovered MCR..
I discovered a new way..
i listen too there music went back to school...
and was thankful for that morning i woke up... not dead but alive... seeing the sun rise was uplifting for me for the first time.

But this life is still haunting..
but 'they won't take me alive, i'll do what it takes to survive,,,, i'm still here'


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