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In a pool of blood

Member since June 12th, 2007



My names Gerard
Not Gerald
Not Jared
Not Jerard(even though it spells the same thing.)


I like to go by Gee most of the time.
(I really hate my name)

I'm nice
(When I wanna be)

I'm sarcastic
(All the time)

I wear more makeup then your mom and Marilyn Manson put together.
(Hell yeah, okay maybe not, but oh well)

I like burning things.
(That's fun)

I'm bi or gay
(I haven't really figured that out yet)

I'm vegetarian
(Meat is icky)

I'm smart
(But I don't act like it)

I'm short, like 5'4-5'5
(I'm pocket sized)

I'm colorblind in one eye
(It's kinda weird)

I cut

I don't like the term emo
(So don't use it on me)

My mom's a whore
(I found that out the hard way)

My "dad's" an alchoholic
(Angry drunk people aren't fun.
Especially when they try to sell you on
the side of the road for a dollar)

I have health issues
(From being abused)

I'm bulimic
(I'll admit it, but I probably
won't do anything about it.)

I weigh somewhere between 78 and 85 pounds
(I do realize I'm underweight)

I have insomnia
(I haven't slept in days)

I'm home schooled
(My "dad" likes to use me
as his own personal slut)

I hate my "father"
(I can say that honestly)

I've been raped many times by my "dad" and his friends.
(That's not fun at all)

I have a two little brothers and a sister
(I always take their "punishment"
from my "dad" )

My brothers are Frank and Michael
(That's an odd coincidence)

My "father" is a respectable person in my community
(So nobody suspects anything)

I have a camera
(But I'm beat up most of the time
so I'm not gonna put a picture of myself up)

I like blood
(Bleeding is fun)

My birthday is on Halloween
(Not that big of deal)

I like unicorns
(If you don't Fuck You)

I'm bored
(Right now)

Talk to me if you want
(I don't bite)

Bands I like:

Green Day
My Chemical Romance
The Used
Avenged Sevenfold
30 Seconds to Mars
Guns n' Roses
Iron Maiden
Taking Back Sunday
PANIC! At the Disco
Marilyn Manson

And more I just can't think of them right now

MCR didn't save my life, but they made it a hell of a lot better.

I have AIM, if you want my username thingy ask for it.
but I'm not on much cause I don't really understand it.

This is what happens when I get too happy.

Pretty much covers two of my favorite things
Blood and Unicorns
ImageImageImageImageImageImageThat's something I would actually do
ImageImageImageImageImageImageThat's why I cut


  • i s2 gw

    hey:0 aw lyk ur profile and u seem reli inviting... anyways i LOVE ur name, dont hate it! XD

    i s2 gw, April 8th, 2009 at 09:24:24am

  • Steal Corpses!!

    Hey you

    Steal Corpses!!, December 5th, 2007 at 04:56:47pm

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