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medarkid; mrs. bryar

medarkid; mrs. bryar

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....k, let's see.. i'll make a list. how 'b0ut that?

1. i love writing and screaming and shouting and things my parents don't.
2. i think i'm gonna keep updating this list 'till, like, 1484587565869245762894.
3. i'm the person that you can shout at, but w0n't be shouted back.
4. when i hate people, i won't show it at them, but i'll just smile at them and, like, 'go to hell, you bitch, i don't fucking like you'.
5. i'll do things you won't expect me to do.
6. i'm the kind of girl that people will think, like, 'she must be a nice girl' when they look at me.
7. but i fucking DON'T.
8. i curse a lot (at heart).
9. that's cause i'm kind-hearted(?)
10. i take grudge at those who tries to make fo0l of me.
11. i used to have a cat named MEDAKID.
12. he ran away cause my brother kept beating him like he was wrestling a person.
13. i sometimes hate, sometimes love my brother.
14. i think i don't really have any real friend.
15. cause i won't allow anybody to.
16. expect the unexpected from me.

17. easily br0ken (d0es that mean that i'm fragile?).
18. i can easily make friends... th0ugh i d0n't think i'm g0nna be the one wh0'll start the c0nversati0n.
19. I LOVE my family (y0u can c0nsider that as my true c0nfessi0n. i mean, wh0 d0n't? => )
20. p/s= i wanna thank Kaede f0r keeping in t0uch with me. luv ya! Wink
21. say, i just kn0w MCR for, like... 2/3 years ago. but n0w i kn0w m0st of their s0ngs! kinda go0d one for s0meb0dy like me, haa.
22. i have a sister who'll, like, 'duh, sl0w it d0wn,' or usually, 'shut up =(' (actually) when y0u open a s0ng that she d0esn't really 'l0ve' in v0lume 3.
23. can't say that i'm not ann0yed.
24. i mean, wh0 w0n't? she can play her fav0urite in v0lume 25!
25. an0ther c0nfessi0n = i've ONCE, i mean it, just 0NCE, th0ught ab0ut killing my friend. she BACKSTABBED me! i was, just, like... dead. *thud*

26. i'd once fell f0r this 0ne cute guy, but didn't have the guts to tell him b0ut my feeling.. so he slipped just like that... t0 my best friend! again, i was like... *another thud*
27. am now in l0ve with s0meb0dy else to0. he knew that i have a crush on him. *how embarassing!*
28. so he treats me very nice. i fell 4 him deeper!!!
29. actually, he's my first crush. i fell f0r him since i was 1o. =@
30. and he's 7 years older than me(!).
31. oh, th0se crushes d0esn't include my BOB. ehehehe ;>

i'll update from time to time. if you read this list to the end,,

thanks a lot.
LOVE YOU GUYS. esp th0se 5 cute ones... hahaha ;p


  • call me captain.

    Hey! Thanks for the compliment about my work. Appreciate it.

    call me captain., May 29th, 2008 at 06:57:41pm

  • Kaede

    Awesome list hahaha

    Kaede, April 5th, 2008 at 05:19:29am

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