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marching w/ the Black Parade

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It's like you're talking, and your friend's talking...but I'm not there. When I am in fact really there. Just imaginitive in you and your friend's brains.... It sucks, but I've been living as Casper's stunt-man for thirteen years.

There was this one time when I thought Snoop Dog was really awesome. But then I read that one article about him being a pimp/gansta/little kids' football coach and now I'm not so sure.

I kinda wanna win that one contest with the MCR mag. But you have to decorate your profile. And I really don't know how to do that since I don't know anything about computers. But I hope this comment makes up for it 'cause I'm just a skinny, poor girl who can only read "Newsweek" every week or so.


  • MCR 4 ever

    hey i read one of your fan fics and it was GREAT! you have to make more! I LOVED IT!
    PS; name it that same with a number two or somthing so me and other people dont get confused. im know for that, scrambling through pages when its really right in front of me. lol.

    MCR 4 ever, August 24th, 2007 at 12:02:15am

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