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neville longbottom.

neville longbottom.

Member since July 18th, 2007



Dear Loser [INO]~~~~!!!!
I thought you liked me you said it yourself I hate you. People only go on you because they don’t have a date for the dance and then after the dance we dump you well I guess its time this bastert dumped you cause you were thinking i was internet bullying some bitches but you guys think youre so smart but I hung up on you because who was phone. I hate you my mother hates you she smask her hand off the keyboard and now cant go shave her bag I come on you after breakfast every morning and I aint stupid my little laptop who is only 1YRS old hates you too and it doesnt even know what you did it is always not letting you load.haha!I went to another forum after you but after it ded you ideot forum made me come back but i didn’t even come back for you OK! I hate you ive always hated you with your stupid rules you just got jealouse that the other forum has no rules your so jealouse you automatically assume people are talking about other people when you don’t have any evidence for that particular comment well guess what maybe it was maybe it wasn’t I don’t got a problem that you aren’t my forum anymore I don’t have have a IS THIS REAL LIFE? Hsgsbbabba tower of pizza. I hate you and I know you don’t like me but I don’t like you I don’t care what your stupid friends say they make me touch my keys for stupid reasons. I never will like you again I HATE YOU I HATE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS DAMN WORLDDDDDDDDDD id rather spend my free time on a spider or a rat den u ur soooooo uptight and maybe if Dana had been instained> none of this would have happenbed!!!!!!! And then saying that I loooooooooved you pleassssssse!!!!!!!! Your such a n ass wipe n bastert!! I HATE YOOOOUUUUUUU

Well bi you piece of shit i have more things to do right now then remember YOU



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