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Some Dark Alley...

Member since July 27th, 2007


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I'm No Hero

I won't pretend to be a hero
When you know I'm a zero
We're all human here
Mortality, our greatest fear,

So please understand
This isn't a command
It's a helpful reminder, not a lie
I'm just like every other guy,

So in your darkest moment
I hope you dare to show it
And carry on without heroic aid
'Cause in the end even saviours fade....



A little info on me? Hm, well if you promise to not run away screaming...then sure.

I'm actually a silent person, who enjoys just being alone. Though, I do get quite chatty when I drink loads of coffee (which I LOVE). Mainly I just like to just be....invisible, for lack of a better word, but sometimes my job gets in the way of that. I'm not ashamed to say I like to write poetry and the occational fan-fics, which are notoriously unique if you get my drift. No, I'm not a psychopath...most of the time, lmao.

I don't feel the need to spill my guts to every person I meet, yeah, I've met people like about awkward, haha. So, that's it in a nutshell...a small nutshell. And if you haven't run away screaming like a lunatic then my life's goal is complete. mwhahaha.


Be yourself, nobody has the right to change who you are. They should appreciate what you want to be like, if they really care about you. What good is a friend if all they do is rub salt in your wounds and make you feel like crap? Answer: NOTHING.

What good is a loving parent if all they do is dish out all sorts of guilt onto you? Why bother trying to be what you want b/c it's not considered "normal"? Does that make you a freak or a monster? Answer: NO. YOU ARE WHAT YOU MAKE YOURSELF OUT TO BE.


When There's No More Room In Hell,
The Dead Will Walk The Earth...
There is no point to this thing called life.
We live,
We die,
We are forgotten...


What do I see in the looking glass?
Feel like life's moving too fast
Blood dripping down my fist
The mirror cries crimson mist,

See the face, know the rest
I never wanted to be the best
So mirror, I see you die
Never again shall you reflect a lie.



I've posted some of my poetry and a fan-fic on this site, give it a once over if you get the chance.

Image Image Image

Bitter Scars

My heart's beating on the floor
Couldn't stand me anymore
But who's to blame?
Just a guy with no name,

Silent is the game I play
Cutting takes the pain away
But what the fuck?
Life's always going to suck,

Enough's enough, I'm stopping
Cover the cuts that keep dropping
For the shame of what I've done
Isn't worth death by gun,

There's no reason, no lie
I shouldn't even cry
For the mistakes I made
Can't make bitter scars fade.



It was that moment, you felt alone
That moment, when nobody would listen
That moment, you thought things were hell
That moment, life lost it's beauty

But it was that one song,
....... That refused to let you die...


............Songs For Every Season

.........Deck the Halls with Gasoline,
................Fa la la, fucking da,
....... Strike a match and watch it gleam,
............... Fa la la, fucking da....

..........Chipmunks roasting over an open fire,
..................Hot sauce dripping from their toes....



...........................If it makes you happy
...........................I'll bleed all the time
............................In a life so crappy
..........................It can turn on a dime...


Image Image Image Image

The only way to gain Immortality...
........Is to live a life worth Remembering.



Oh, you never were true
I'm bleeding through my heart
To just look at you
Thief, who tore me apart,

I am here
Just waiting for a sign
But I can feel the fear
Tear away my mind,

So pretty, you thought
Stay together forever
Before it's all shot
And becomes never ever.


No matter what you say
No matter what you do
It's going to be this way
I can't be with you,

I'm going to take my pride
And going to walk away
Never will I die
No matter how you pray,

Remember me, dear
I'm laughing head to toe
I don't want you here
More than you ever know.


......My Demons Are Different From Yours.
........I can't stop, the blood always pours
...........I'm a demon with a heart
...........End it now before we start.


Just A Bitter Thought
Oh, their darkness is a "phase". They’ll grow out of it and be the little darling we always loved. That’s not how it goes. If you can’t see the pain in our eyes, the darkness eating away at our soul, then you obviously don’t seem to care much for anyone but yourself.

You may think you’re not touched by anything or anyone, but truth be told not even you can deny you’ve felt it. At one point in your “fun” life somebody or something made you sink into the dark cavern of your mind. You went around thinking maybe if I smile and nod they’ll never know how I hurt on the inside. Man, have you got it wrong. It will always hurt, festering like a wound that just won’t heal until…boom.


..............I like being a comedian.
.....It helps people laugh when I cannot.


Some scars fade with time....
.......But they're still there.
Some scars are invisible....
.......But they'll always hurt.


..........It was you who taught me, love
..............................That in life-- I'M NOT ENOUGH.


Do you know what we fear?
……….Why we fight to be true?
‘Cause one day we’ll get older
……..And we’ll be just like you.




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    I'll always wait for you...

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    Never Die, Never Surrender.

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    Nothing hurts more than being alone...


  • MyChemicalBlack

    Site changed. Need to fix bio page...eventually. xD

    MyChemicalBlack, May 7th, 2011 at 06:21:16pm

  • lolis12007

    well your profile looks pretty much the same haha...with a few extra things here and there. but its good, but on the other hand...mine is like a lonely profile lmao.

    haha aww thats good! haha im happy that you said that :D

    well what have you worked on that keeps you so busy now??

    lolis12007, April 25th, 2010 at 12:26:20am

  • lolis12007

    Well its better to have your hands full than to be empty handed with no work right? lol but i'm glad to hear that you have something to keep you busy! lol ...even if it results into not getting you fix of INO haha, i gess you're not working on your photoshop much no more right?

    I've been good! just cramping a lot of studying to raise my grades and go to a good college!! haha thats what i am doing to get entertained now haha.

    thats good that you did remember me!!! i was a wee bit scared that you would have been like who the hell's this lol. :)

    lolis12007, April 18th, 2010 at 11:56:47pm

  • lolis12007

    hey! im not sure if you remember me hehe i havent been online in a VERY long time :) how are you?

    lolis12007, April 10th, 2010 at 07:45:22pm

  • shadowtim24


    shadowtim24, March 22nd, 2010 at 09:45:12pm

  • Gerard Wa-HEY

    Send this heart to at least 15 people♥ ♥
    including me.
    and if you get at least 10 back you will get good news within 15 Min.!
    Let"s see many hearts you get!!!!
    All the best........please do ....
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    It's friendship week :)
    If you get ten you're a really lovable person

    Gerard Wa-HEY, September 7th, 2009 at 01:52:51am

  • stay away;

    and you try pretty damn well :) i am jealous. lol. im alright, how are you?

    stay away;, August 26th, 2009 at 11:36:37am

  • dotdotdot

    ive been so out of it with work and guys and drama and stuff. my last two boy friends have turned gay.... bahaha. and howve you been? my school work has been busying me.

    dotdotdot, August 23rd, 2009 at 12:03:46am

  • Gerard Wa-HEY

    hey i noticed you were on my friends list 4 eva and we never chat so hey wats up?

    Gerard Wa-HEY, August 21st, 2009 at 11:14:55am

  • MikeyFuckinWay_

    Yeah, i am. The pics are so gorgeous. You really did a great job. I'm just sitting here going on youtube and twitter. I have no life. = ) So, what are you up to?

    MikeyFuckinWay_, August 19th, 2009 at 08:12:47am

  • Stupidsadistic;

    The photos on your profile are quite lovely.
    Do you perhaps have the originals to the one that says 'Hold Strong You're All We Have"?

    Stupidsadistic;, August 18th, 2009 at 01:12:56am

  • MikeyFuckinWay_

    Heyy, what's up? Thanxs for accpeting the invite. I LUV ur page. God, those pictures are amazing. I stole some. Hehe. = )

    MikeyFuckinWay_, August 10th, 2009 at 09:32:12pm

  • dotdotdot

    psh. ASHLEY! ahaha.
    sorry sorry. where have you been? I've missed you!

    dotdotdot, August 5th, 2009 at 10:31:57am

  • mick_st_john

    its ok i been busy too hehe n yes such insanity hehe jk :D

    mick_st_john, August 3rd, 2009 at 12:18:59pm

  • stay away;

    your profile is amazing, i adore your hope :D

    stay away;, July 30th, 2009 at 08:38:42am

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