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When the world ends

When the world ends
My House, N.Y.

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Random stuff;
My name's Cristen. My nickname's would be; Crissy, Criss, or Cristen Leigh. I'm far from bein perfect. I love to be outdoor's. Camping & mountain climbing is the best. This year was amazing camping, I didn't wannuh leave & I miss everyone already. Sad My birffday is coming up on August Twenty-Seventh. Ashley Skiff would be my amazing ugly cow hunting partner. Smile We're starting to hunt ugly cow's pretty soon. Haha, ily Ashley! Very Happy I'm taken. Smile I'm a small town kinda girl. I tell it like it is & won't care what come's out of my mouth, unless it hurt's someone. My friend's are amazing, I don't know where I would be today without them in my life. I'm definitely not a girly-girl. I'm known to get down & dirty with the guy's. I'm a daddy's girl most definitely. Football is the best sport other than soccer. My dad want's me to go tryout for football to be a field goal kicker with my huge *left foot. Fourwheeler's & dirtbike's are the way to go. I want my tongue pierced sooner or later in my life. When I turn eighteen i'm planning to get a tattoo of something on my lower back. I'm pretty kickass once you get to know me. Smile Don't like me? Doesn't really matter. If I don't like you, I won't talk to you. Drama's gayass. School's full of it. I'm random & crazy at time's. Green & blue are my favorite color's. Sport's are my whole life, soccer is the best. The number five was passed down to me from my older brother, Jason Allen Dundon. He's my role model & my favorite older brother. Smile I change my MySpace usually everyday, like my profile song. Music is life. Hardcore metal, hip-hop & country are the way to go. 'Trust No One But Yourself.' There are only two people I trust with everything, & they go by the name's of MIKE CLARK & BRITTANY CHASE! I hate preppy people & people who thank they are just so perfect. I love to make up my own word's when i'm wickedly bored. Haha don't ask. Smile I'm obsessed with smiley's. Smile Wink Very Happy XD ^.^ >.< :] =) & so on. Summer is coming to an end & school's around the corner & I don't want it to be. I do alright in school but I could do a hell of a lot better. I cuss worser than a dude. [If 'worser' is a word] My friend Bert & I are planning on bustin out of New York & North Carolina & meetin up & having a hell of a kickass time. I have an aim. Message me for it. Smile


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