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Sheri; on the Coast!

Sheri; on the Coast!
Malden Ma

Member since January 9th, 2006


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xxThink Me Naive



Age: 19


&&My Chemical Romance
&&Avenged Sevenfold
&&Bright Eyes
&&Envy on the Coast!
&&Monty Are I
&&Kill Hannah
&&69 Eyes
&&Music in general. <3
&&My Friends, 'in real life' and on forums. <3
&&Fight Club
&&SLC Punk
&&The Princess Bride
&&The Notebook
&&The Producers
&&Lords of Dogtown
&&Lord of the Rings
&&Singing loud, as if no one can hear me.
&&Singing so loud, and not knowing it, that people on the street actually clap. (This happened once...)
&&Singing in the shower, and in my car.
&&Rocking out so hard in my car that my mom gets about 7 amusing phone calls that her daughter is driving and headbanging again... Which apparently isn't safe.
&&M&Ms, but not anymore cause they're made with crushed beetle shells...
&&Gay boys, gay girls, bi boys, bi girls, straight boys and straight girls. <3
&&Concerts are pretty much my favorite thing ever..Except for:
&&Nell. <3
&&Loving someone so much it hurts


&&Rap -most of the time-
&&Pop -most of the time-
&&People who don't like something only because they think that by liking it, they won't fit into whatever label they're trying to be.
&&Boys who won't admit their feelings, when their feelings are just as obvious as my own.
&&Axl Rose - I love the original GNR, but I loathe Axl.
&&Bucket head, wtf?
&&Waycest... ew, just ewww...
&&Man && Woman whores
&&That Stripper in Vegas
&&Having no control over who you love
&&People who only date girls that look like boys
&&Blending in with the crowd
&&Anyone who can't accept a person's orientation.
&&Loving someone so much it hurts.

Sheri is:

&&Fun to be around
&&An okay writer
&&A good singer
&&In Urban-dictionary with the definition reading: The embodiment of fun, love, and amazing friendship. Sheri never fails to cheer you up or make you giggle. Sheri is also known to make one horny.
&&Loves that definition, and wants to know who wrote it.
&& "Shotgun Sheri"
&&A wicked Fag-hag. <3 (That means I love my gay friends and have claimed them all)


&&Can be reached on aim: xxThink Me Naive
&&Is on myspace:
&&Is on myspace again:
&&Is on myspace again!!!:
&&Can sometimes be reached on MSN:
&&Has a lot of stalkers
&&Is sometimes a stalker
&&Has a tattoo on her left wrist. It's a purple heart over her grandfather's name, Pepper
&&Has her nose pierced
&&Has a silver ring with a celtic design that she's worn on her thumb for 5 years straight, so long that the skin is permanently white, as in white, and when she takes it off, you can see the indent of the ring.
&&Is getting "Shotgun Sinner" tattooed on her other wrist when Nell turns 18 and gets "Wild-Eyed Joker" on her wrist.
&&Will be famous someday, when that happens, she'll still be writing fanfics... Even if she's touring with MCR and they become suspicious... <3
&&Loves her INO and now, Mibba, loves.





    ^ agreed!! pleez update that story!!! its one of the best stories i have actually read., September 1st, 2007 at 10:32:16pm

  • MCR 4 ever

    Hi! your story is great! can you please update "are you a lover or a fighter"?

    MCR 4 ever, August 30th, 2007 at 09:29:43pm

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