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person that'sdying to meet MCR
monroeville, NJ

Member since August 21st, 2007


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I'm Natala, I'm a middle schooler at Pine, and I first became obsessed with My Chem recently last December. I had heard of them as well as heard their music years before my realization but never had I been so obsessed in my life. At the time of the begining of my addiction to MCR "Welcome To The Black Parade" had just begun getting played alot on the radio so everone new the song (except me). One day in class, the guy next to me started to sing "WTTBP", I asked him what song that was and he told me it was by My Chemical Romance, so not knowing how popular it was on the radio...I went and bought the CD. I thought mabey everone would know all the songs, so in less than a week, I knew every lyric to every song on the "Black Parade" CD. One day I came to school and I asked just about everyone I knew if they knew the song "Mama"...and, everyone saad no except three people that I hadn't hung out with much, Daniel, Diane, and Kealie. Instantly we became close friends. As I listened to their CD more and more it became the only music I heard in week, which became months. I started to look up info on the band on the internet and look at pictures and hang up posters(forgetting to look at tour dates).
A few days later I was talking over myspace IM to my friend Ciara's big brother about how much I've come to adore My Chemical Romance and he asked me if I was going to their concert. I had no ideas they were coming to Reno at all! hurrily I checked the tour dates and it was true. The date was March 16, 07 and this was late February. I couldn't miss this concert.
After a few days of hard work,earning money to get tickets to the concert, I decided to stay at my friend Kristen's house. I told her how much I loved MCR and how their coming to Reno and I'm going to go, but I have no one to go with. 2 days went by without Kristen even saying anything about MCR and then...the explosion...Kristen came to school freaked out about how much she was into My Chem now. A week later my plans were comfirmed and I was to go to the concert with Kristen, Ciara, another Ciara, one of Kristen's friends, Ciars's dad and Kristen's dad. The countdown started, and everyday of waiting was making us sweat in excitement and our wierd fantacies were begining to fill our minds and obsession was taking over us, yet it felt sooo good.
Soon, Kristen and I icolated ourselves from the rest of the world. Only hanging out with each other and only talking about MCR. People started worrying, but their words meant nothing I was infected and it was the best thing ever, it felt right. Yet, somehow our addiction lightly rubbed off on people leaving Daniel siked about them as well.
The day of the concert came and everything was so beautiful, finally we were able to scream in excitement. every second of seeing their faces was magical, as if nothing mattered, as if all my worries vanished in the heavenly sounding music. yet, when it was over all the good fell. my worries were back, my heart was given back to me broken, so it was unaccepted. the feeling was unbarible, so the next day, I was drowning in my own tears, knowing that I would probebly never feel so happy again. I felt as if I knew them so well, as if they were friends who said good-bye for a final time. I was heartbroken.
In a few days I was brought back to my sences and I realized, it wasn't over and I would see them again and my addiction came out from hiding.
Days and Days of reseach and picture browsing and video searching went by all revolving around MCR and I didn't know what to do...untill, it was all the merchandice I can afford, I was proud to be a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fan of MCR, and I wanted the world to know. So first I bought LOTMS, and the Revenge and then Bullets. and each time a new one came along, I'd know every lyric in a week.
slowly, days went by, everyday had SOMETHING if not everything revolving around My Chemical Romance. same old same old. untill, I dicovered Projekt Revolution. As soon as I heard that they were coming as close as Marysville. I started saving up again. When I finally got the tickets, I was in for another LONG wait. and the countdown started at 78 days away. Finally the day came and it was the Best Day Ever. I me Kitty and Steve from Mindless Self Indulgence and Adam from Taking Back Sunday. I even Talked to Gerard Way in Person and got to lead some fans in singing "DEAD" to Gerard and he said we "were very good", and got to rub a balloon all over my face after Gerard rubbed his head on it. yet, it's still not what I want, (well not ALL anyways). It's over now. and I'm sad it's over. All I really want is to be FRIENDS with Bob, Frank, Mikey, Ray and Gerard. They are so sweet and they have beautiful personalities. And I just want to talk to them like I've known them forever and share stories with them, that's all I want...They are all BEAUTIFUL inside and out and Gerard and Ray, and Bob and Frank and Mikey could all shave their head and wear rags and have long beards, I don't care, I love them for so much more than looks and entertainment...I love them for what's inside. And I hope you love them for that too, because I'm sure if you showed them that you really cared...they'd really care. Because they're more than just a band. they're a band that wants to save your life, HEROS, SAVIOURS...and they did, they saved mine...they showd me that it doesn't matter what everone else thinks, it's what you think. and that hurting yourself is never the solution. and most importantly, they showd me who I am.


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  • Princess_Mikey

    lucky, i have yet to meet them but every time they come somewhere close to where i live i go and see them. barely even anyone in my school knows who mcr is but pretty much my entire family [save for a few people] are big fans. i so wish i was you right now...

    Princess_Mikey, October 7th, 2007 at 12:55:42am

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