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Dreary Erie PA

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I'm Amanda.

I'm a college sophmore studying physics, computer science and math. When I "grow up" I'd like to be a computational physicist. I take school a little too seriously, but that's my job, right?

Due to undiagnosed ADD, depression and anxiety, it took me a while to get my shit straight, but now that I do, there's nothing stopping me! I feel my mental stuff is part of who I am, and I'm not ashamed to admit my so-called weeknesses.

I really like music, science, cats, and math, computer science and video games (mostly strategy and rpg's). I'm new to c++, but enjoy writing simple (for now ;p) programs in my spare time.

I'm married to an awesome man whom I feel is my soulmate. I never pictured myself as a married woman, but getting married was one of the most natural-feeling things that I've done that I feel has changed my life for the better.

I'm not a religious person, as I'm agnostic, but I do find spirituality in my life.

I like a lot of music, but my favorites are Tool, My Chemical Romance (duh), Grateful Dead, Ani Difranco, and Pigface.

I just got an awesome 80 gig ipod and am having a ton of fun importing and revisiting all the cd's I haven't listened to in years.

I wish I had more money to spend on concert tickets!

My favorite songs right now are Lateralus--Tool and Famous Last Words--MCR and Ugli--Skinny Puppy. Lateralus and Famous Last Words because of the inspiration and strength they give me. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing with my life withoug Lateralus. I could go go on for a while on those songs, but I'll spare you the details. I'm sure many of you have songs like that, too. Ugli just because it's just a good song.

Man am I bad at these things, so I'll probally come back and edit as time goes by. I'm not sure what else to say, so I'll end this mess of an "About" here.

If you got this far, thanks for reading, and I hope you're doing well!

With my feet upon the ground I lose myself between the sounds and open wide to suck it in,
I feel it move across my skin.
I'm reaching up and reaching out,
I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.
And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been.
We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.

Spiral out...
Keep going!



  • Sock Cucker.

    Good luck with the net-popping out thing.
    Welcome to INO :]

    Sock Cucker., September 22nd, 2007 at 09:41:23am

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