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With The Vampires! =D

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therechemicalromance =
Kateland, Frankie, Katey-Kins... It doesnt matter, you wont remember anyways.

Random 12 Facts About Her:
1. Hates to see her friends cry.
2. Loves to dance in the rain, even when its not.
3. Wants to be a writer, but knows she wont be.
4. Doesnt have a religion, so shes atheist.
5. Has had her heart broken so many times, shes lost count.
6. Dyed her hair so many times, she has lost count.
7. Is afraid of dieing with nothing for people to remember her by.
8. Always wanted her name to be Misery.
9. Hates the fact that she is ignored by people she loves.
10. She believes in Vampires, and that one day, she will be one.
11. She has pushed on a door that says "Pull" and ran into the door countless times.
12. She has only believed in one thing, and that one thing has saved her countless times, they are five amazing boys. They are in a band, and they call themselfs:

My Chemical Romance

They were my friends when no one wanted to be my friend. They were the light to my twisted path when I had no light. They were the only good in my life when it my life was filled with hate and it was bad. They were just the only people I could look up to in my darkest times. They are my heroes.

So, I am going to flat out and say it...........


They have done so much for me. You might be thinking I am a upsest fan. I am not that fan. I believe that they are five boys who had a dream, followed it and is now doing something to make a difference for so many people while doing something that they love. I am a better person now because of them. Before I was a person with low self-esteem and I did things I truly regret. Those five boys taught me it was okay to be different and it was okay to be yourself just through lyrics.

My Chemical Romance made my life, and saved it from anything bad.

And I thank them everyday even though I don't go up to them and say it personally, I say it whenever I feel like I need too. You might be saying, "Whatever, your just like an other fan girl." No, I am not. I don't love them for their "hawtness" or their "sexyness" I love them for the music, and the lyrics. I love them for who they are and what they have done for so many people and me.

I, unfortunley, have never seen My Chemical Romance live. But, there is hope. I will see them live on May 4th. There is more hope because I will also be seeing my second favourite band, Paramore on April 22nd.


  • mcrfan1612

    It's mcrfan1612 from mibba! ^^ =D

    mcrfan1612, April 14th, 2008 at 10:34:04pm

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