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Pick On Bobsleigh

Pick On Bobsleigh
Zara Reyes

Member since October 11th, 2007



_did we all fall down?*]]
Do or die, you'll never make me. Because the world will never take my heart.

About me.

My name is Zara, and I'm fifteen this year, going on sixteen very soon. Very Happy I hail from a little island called Singapore, on the tip on Peninsular Malaysia for the geographically challenged. Laughing

Music is a huge thing in my life. Without music, there will be nothing to fill all the emptiness where words fail, and no beautiful lyrics, no haunting melodies to fill my soul. I love all kinds of Alternative Punk/Rock as well as Piano Rock. I am also partial to certain forms of Pop, as long as they contain some rock elements in it, and are not too bubblegum-pop (High School Musical, anyone? Rolling Eyes)

My other interests are Art, Books, Movies, Eating and Shopping. I love art in general, especially Anime Very Happy And I love reading as there is always something to learn from a story about someone from a different background as yours, and really good books have the power to move you and impact your life forever. Without books to nurture my soul, I wouldn't know who I am.


As you probably can tell, my favourite band in the world right now is My Chemical Romance. In Love I love this band so much, and watching them live was about the best thing I did so far! (Though I almost got myself killed in the mosh pit Shocked)


All of MCR's songs are beautiful, and each day I find a new favourite MCR song! They are all so awesome Very Happy But some songs just never grow old, and they are: Helena, Desert Song, Sleep and Cancer.

I know I might be a relatively new fan, as I only recently got into them after hearing The Black Parade, but I am certainly no less a fan than those who were with MCR way back from the Bullets era. To me, all three of MCR's albums are distinctly different and are special in their own way. TBP is a manifestation of how much MCR has matured, and the new musical direction they have chosen. It's a more mature departure from their previous works, and I love that they have chosen this new direction. TBP is just so orchestral and epic and has a beautiful concept about humanity, which is way it is my favourite album so far. However, I do love many tracks from Revenge and Bullets as well.

And of course, my favourite MCR member has to be...Mikey Way.

This picture speaks for itself.

Other bands.

My second favourite band in the world is The Click Five!! In Love My other favourite artistes/bands are:
-Augustana (Boston!!)
-The Fray (How to Save a Life!)
-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Your Guardian Angel In Love)
-Panic! At The Disco
-Fall Out Boy
-Cute Is What We Aim For
-All-American Rejects
-Green Day
-Maroon 5
-Five For Fighting
-Kelly Clarkson
-Teddy Geiger
-Jack's Mannequin
-Something Corporate
-Jason Mraz

That's all for now!


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    Sana, March 10th, 2008 at 04:08:56am

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