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I´m Sandra and i am a girl about 15 years.
I love music as you see i do love My chemical romance
they are one of my favorite bands ever.
I love art ..Manga and cibi
I do watch alot of anime movies,
I am born in a little country in europe Called Finland
But i did move to sweden after a couple of years
so i do talk Finnish,Swedish,English and French (at school)..
I love animals all kinds i have a dog i just love dogs.
Me and my friend has a band kinda she does write the songs and i do come up with things we have alot of things going on..
Yeah,, i know i LOVE MCR as i said from the begining.
Maybe because i havent never been on a mcr concert or to be honest i have never been on a concert but i am still a big Fan!..
You are as much a fan like the others that goes to all of their concerts thats it.
Anyway so i have two Idols ,, i mean two big idols
Gerard way for all inspiration and for all the beautiful lyrics mcr have wrotten.
The other idol i have is of course the talented and blond Gwen Stefani..
She is not stupid and she is not a bitch,, She is the nicest celebretie i have heard of she is a big inspiraiton to all the teenage girls she has greate taste of style and greate music, and of course she is singer of a really good band..
and so is Gee to a really good band <33
I do go to Boxing to its a really cool sport..



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  • Schrei

    happy halloween to you!!! what did u do?

    Schrei, November 9th, 2007 at 02:24:10am

  • Schrei

    thanks for the comment!

    Schrei, October 30th, 2007 at 10:30:16pm

  • diidaa

    it's on your own site too. :) under komments. :D

    diidaa, October 30th, 2007 at 07:23:10pm

  • diidaa

    Hi. :D ööm i don't really know how to explain it 'cause I don't speak very good english. :D but in this side. or when you write someone komments there read ''submit'' and under that its text what says: You can use BBcode for bold and italic text and you can insert
    Site smilies in your post. and you click the ''BBcode''. there is directions how you chance the colors. :p

    diidaa, October 30th, 2007 at 07:16:58pm

  • BlondeBomber

    Tänks you :D

    BlondeBomber, October 28th, 2007 at 09:25:55pm

  • wha?

    coooool person teehee hee

    wha?, October 28th, 2007 at 03:26:41am

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