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interests - i love music, art, i love to paint and draw, wish i could draw people well, i love meeting people on the internet,i love my trackies and uggies wish i could stay in them everyday, but i do love to get dolled up every now and then, i love the 60's and 70's music, fashion and culture but not a fan of the 80's despite being the era which i was born, i love learning the history about places and buildings but hated learning it in school, i love haunted places, i believe in reincarnation (i'll b bac as a chimp flingin poo at ppl at a zoo lol), i love animals especially wolves, tigers, bears and butterflies, i hate war and violence, i wish we could live in harmony with the world and the universe, i love rainforests, i hate racism and prejudice, i love purple and green, i hate cigarettes but love alcohol, i don't get sick much, haven't taken a sicky in 2 years, never broken a bone, been to hospital twice, once for a cut finger other for a tooth getting pulled i'd love to live on a farm again, i hated school but love working and...I LOVE DAMIEN!!!
mus - there isn't much i don't like when it comes to music but absolute favs would be; my chemical romance the killers silverchair kisschasy the living end grinspoon the beatles cold chisel airway lanes hot lies 30 seconds to mars cky him fall out boy metallica eskimo joe stereophonics matchbox twenty goldfinger ben birchall and the corrections the used placebo powderfinger muse radiohead three days grace john butler trio xavier rudd wolfmother unwritten law incubus bodyjar augie march kaiser chiefs afi sick puppies juke kartel thirsty merc katie noonan kate miller-heidke peter combe...
tv- californication was/is my favorite show, i also like summer heights high the chasers' war on everything rove rage jtv video hits the librarian man stroke woman jackass viva la bam dirty sanchez fist of zen wild boys scarred (notice a trend there) thank god your here mythbusters pizza top gear the simpsons futurama family guy drawn together happy tree friends and nearly any cartoon
film - i don't normally have the attention span to sit thru a whole one, but my favs are edward scissor hands the corpse bride hot fuzz the nightmare before christmas anything by adam sandler anything stupidly funny jackass borat kenny reality bites what's eating gilbet grape ghostbusters
books - like i said before, not a huge attention span, but i have read ellie and deadly unna(for school), dark angel, all dogs go to heaven (kept it in my pencil case for english hehe), i loved thomas the tank books, cordouroy bear, spot, hairy mclary and i like reading non fiction stuff


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