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Tainted tears

Tainted tears
Matty D
Just don't look behind!!!

Member since December 30th, 2007



Well my life sucks an is really not that interesting. I love seeing my mates even though I normally just walk off. They help me so much when I fall into pretty serious depression!!!!!! Thx alot!!!!

I love music; My Chemical Romance (obviously Razz) Aiden, Something Corporate, New found Glory, Bowling For Soup, Fall Out Boy, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Youmeatsix, Matchbook Romance, Paramore, Madina Lake, Elliot Minor, Panic At The Disco, The Used, Lost Prophets, AC/DC, Nirvana, Funeral For A Friend, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Evanescene, Nickelback, 30 Seconds To Mars, Billy Talent, Gym Class Heroes, The Offspring, Led Zeppelin, Slipknot, Nightwish, The White Stripes, Plain White T's, Bullet for my Valentine, Sum 41 and Blink 182. There is more but I get bored thinking!!!!!

My Chemical Romance Rule!!!!!
I was kidding myself acting as someone I was not to fit in, but My chemical Romance taught me to be myself an I feel so much better even though I get loads of grief about how I dress.
The song 'The End' has taught me to stop being someone I'm not I wasn't kidding anyone being fake and now I have realised that!!! MCR have helped me through so much recently. It means I can block everything out.


My mates
I need my mates but I don't seem to ever fit in and its killin me.
Alot of the time I end up sitting on my own as they have loads of fun.

Recently you have been here for me through my problem an I feel helpless, an I want an need to repay you in someway!!!! I'm so glad we have become great friends, sometimes you are the only one that can see me an you help me so much an I reallly appreciate that!!!!! I also wish you could see you are liked by alot of people and are loved by so many people!!! You have saved my life an saved me from hurting myself to much and I'm so amazed that you are my friend, I am not worthy of your presence around me it is worth so much!!! I trust you with my life an I could never think you were lying to me but you know it is hard for people to believe what they don't see but it's great you are tryin to help me so much an you do an I think you are awesome!!!!

I wish there was someway I could show you how much you mean to me. You are so so beautiful and you should see that, Everyone else can see that. I don't no how people can hate you, an hurt you. It hurts me deep down that you could suffer such a horrible fate. If I could I would go back in time an stop every little bit of pain that you suffered, I feel responsible as I wish I could have been there an could of helped you I might be small and weak but would of taken it all just for you. I love the way you dress you are so awesome its unbelieveable. If I was female (even though people say I am anyway) I would want to be just like you. An even now I want 2 be like you!!!You could get anyone you want by just talkin to them as I said as soon as you start talking to them they will be smitten with you!!!!!

I worry about losing you cause I am not good enough for anyone an I hate myself. I worry about you everyday more than anyone else in this world, you ave have had a hard time an my door is always open just come round anytime. I just want you to be happy even if I'm not. I will drop everything if you need me at any time as you mean so much to me!!!!!! And I mean everythin I say to you!!!!!!!!

-Thrillers/horror films

-Family (especially my Dad)SmileySmileySmiley
-MYSELF SadSadSadSad

All our lives are sheltered from the inevitable!!!!

Everything comes at a cost!!!!

I like to write poetry an no actually knows that I do. I recently realised I am really bad at it so I will save you the agony on reading some of it. Smiley


  • RAAWRness

    Your profiles really good
    And I love crap poetry, so to me, yours would be great! :D

    RAAWRness, August 16th, 2008 at 07:19:57pm

  • LosingBlood

    hey look its yew lololololol you weee crazy fool

    LosingBlood, June 2nd, 2008 at 07:19:25am

  • Bleeding Dry

    Your profile is awesome. It brought tears to my eyes. thank you so so much. you're awesome. :) its really really sweet, and it means so so much to me.
    && I'd love to read your poetry. im into poetry in a big way (not that im any good, as my USERS TOPICS would prove *rolls eyes*) but i would love to read yours. not pressuring. just if you want someone to read it. i would. and im sure its not really bad.
    I hope your doing okay. im still here. something Adam said today at school made me worry. something about
    - here it goes into code which i hope youll understand -
    writing your final letter. and then ripping it up.
    And after what you said today to me at break time, Im worried.
    Just so you know Im thinking about you.
    xxx Lyndz

    Bleeding Dry, January 14th, 2008 at 11:04:34am

  • Bleeding Dry

    Im doing alright, hope your okay. Im worrying bout you.
    I'm always here for you, and your very welcome. Dont worry bout it, your an awesome friend - theres nothing to repay :)
    xxx Lyndz

    Bleeding Dry, January 6th, 2008 at 05:01:55pm

  • LosingBlood

    Sup sorry i couldn't go to town my mum and dad were out so i couldn't go because i had to look after my sister lol

    LosingBlood, January 5th, 2008 at 11:44:02am

  • Bleeding Dry

    Oh Lord you let Chris be your first comment x] lmao
    Me likeys your profile :) :)

    Bleeding Dry, January 2nd, 2008 at 04:33:10pm

  • LosingBlood

    woooooooooooooo first comment lolololol

    LosingBlood, January 1st, 2008 at 12:43:18pm

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