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MCR - my life

MCR - my life
Mikey's Bed

Member since January 28th, 2008


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About Me

I am Charlotte please call me Chazza or Chaza
I have had 14 birthdays
I brush through Blonde/Brown Hair
I see through Blue Eyes
I Adore MCR
I Love Hull Fc
Has Loads Of Mates






1.Thou shall never let them take you alive.
2.Thou shall drink Starbucks coffee
3.Thou shall play World of Warcraft as an Undead Warrior
4.Thou shall admit that they are not okay freely
5.Thou shall unleash the bats of hell
6.Thou shall strike violent poses
7.Thou shall stay out of the light
8.Thou shall suck thy enemies blood
9.Thou shall overcome thy weaknesses
10.Thou shall not be afraid to keep on living

1. Thou shall run around until thou can no longer breathe
2. Thou shall eat skittles
3. Thou shall let the singer feel thou up
4. Thou shall wear a badge on thy shirt collar or hood
5. Thou shall get tattoos
6. Thou shall kick random objects if they are in thy way (yes that means if they are in Gerard/Mikey too)
7. Thou shall grin with all teeth
8. Thou shall change hair style every year
9. Thou shall wear sunglasses in situations of conflict
10. Thou shall burn everything and call it Cajun

1. Thou shall move as little as possible on stage
2. Thou shall choose coffee as thy poison
3. Thou shall straighten hair with dignity
4. Thou shall love sushi as much as thineself
5. Thou shall be the spiritual advisor to thy peers
6. Thou shall wear glasses as close to falling off as possible
7. Thou shall have epic battles with brick walls
8. Thou shall hate small spaces, large spaces and grocery shopping
9. Thou shall love unicorns with all thy heart
10. Thou shall be dangerous around toasters/heaters

1. Thou shall never get mad at those more annoying than thou
2. Thou shall look cool with sunglasses
3. Thou shall declare that Gerard makes thou heart burn openly
4. Thou shall love cats
5. Thou shall walk in the other direction/lash out if a camera is shown
6. Thou shall T.P New York
7. Thou shall drum until thou can drum no more
8. Thou shall give out Mikey Way’s phone number
9. Thou shall be the hardest working drummer ever
10. Thou shall love Mr. Bean as thou equal

1. Thou shall head bang till thou can head bang no more
2. Thou shall stick thou hands in cupcakes
3. Thou shall hide thy contacts well
4. Thou shall not like to read
5. Thou shall not bother to cook
6. Thou shall play until thou gets ‘Guitar Burn’
7. Thou shall hate thou hair when straightened
8. Thou shall sing back up as if it were the most important part
9. Thou shall ask Gerard to not do ‘that’ in thy direction
10. Thou shall be proud of thou afro

1. Thou Shalt Accept Death As It Comes
2. Thou Shalt Sing And March Without Question
3. Thou Shalt Face Fear And Regret
4. Thou Shalt Let Go Of Your Dreams
5. Thou Shalt Give Blood
6. Thou Shalt Fear Thy Sins
7. Thou Shalt Protect Thy Brothers In Arms
8. Thou Shalt Darken Thy Clothes
9. Thou Shalt Not Walk This World Alone

Here's to the kids who were never okay, who brought their bullets in return for your love.

To the kids who live life on the murder scene, seeking revenge on those who wronged them.

To the kids who lost their fear of falling, who refuse to drink to show their support for Gerard's decision.

Here's to the kids who sign their name xoxo, fuck sincerely. The kids who love demolition style, who would end their days in a hail of bullets for thy lover. Here's to the kids who will spend their nights dreaming of what life would be like if they were G. F. R. B. or M. instead of partying with others. Here's to the kids who play with action figures instead of doing homework.

Here's to the kids who mourned over the loss of Mikey's glasses, here's to the kids who put bars and X's over their eyes to be just like their heroes. Here's to the kids who scream fuck you to anyone who starts shit with them.

Here's to the kids who believe they're vampires, just like the MCR boys. Here's to the kids who were welcomed to the Black Parade. Here's to the kids who are not afraid to keep on living or walk this world alone. To the kids who could've been a better son/daughter. Here's to the kids who raise their glasses high for tomorrow we die, and we all go to hell.

Here's to the kids who put sister to sleep, who set ferries wheels ablaze. To the kids who take pills that counteract the booze they drink. Here's to the kids with poison and pills. To the kids who Fire At Will. Here's to the kids who loved Pansy, and all its glory.

To the kids who cried at the sight of Robert Bryar burning on the set of FLW. Here's to every soldier, vampire, and parader, to every Fan.

Here's to each and every one of you My Chemical Romance fans. Your dedication is what makes the world go round.

You know your obsessed with my chemical romance if...

You are on this site.

You have seen EVERY music video, including 'the old version of i'm not okay (i promise)'

Your desktop wallpaper is MCR themed.

You hate yourself coz you're too much of a chicken sh!t to blow up a microwave like Mikey did.

You check their website everyday.

You are in despair because MCR is becoming mainstream.

You sing 'I'm Not Okay' so many times that your friends have to ask if you're actually okay.

You hide the MCR cds in the shops coz you don't want anyone else to buy them.

You think there should be a religon of MCRNESS.

Your heart skips a beat when you hear the words 'Chemical' or 'Romance.'

You know all the words to all their songs.

You know more about MCR than you do about your friends.

You constantly find yourself quoting the members.

It upsets you to see rows of 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' for just anyone to buy.

You name your pets after Mikey, Ray, Frank, Bob and Gerard.

You sing the words but don't know what they mean.

You celebrate their Birthdays.

You think that people who do not know about MCR, do not deserve to be glorified with the greatness that is MCR.

You know who Matt Pelisser is and you know that he is no longer in the band.

You write 'My Chemical Romance' upon basically anything that is hard enough to write on.

You have written to them at least twice.

You have created a website dedicated to the band.

Everyone knows you as 'That Crazy MCR Freak.'

You have a MCR song for every point in your day.

Everything someone says reminds you of a MCR song or quote.

You recite the words to a song even when someone mutters a word from it.

You know what The Breakfast Monkey is.

You have MCR ringtones.

You're actually happy for MCR to have girlfriends, instead of plotting to k!ll them.

You want to visit New Jersey.

You read this to the end

(='.'=) This is Bunny. Put him on your
("Wink_("Wink homepage and help him on his

__________________╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your
__________________║╩╣║║║║║ page if you
__________________╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ support emo

----♥♥-♥♥----ρυт тнιѕ
---♥♥---♥♥---ση уσυя
---♥♥---♥♥---вєвσ ιƒ
---♥♥---♥♥---уσυ кησω
-----♥♥♥-----ωнσ ∂ιє∂

92% of teens listen to rap and hip hop music. If you're part of the 8% that rock out every day. Put this in your profile fellow rocker!

put this on your profile if u agree with me
you say pink
I say black
you say paris hilton
I say amy lee
you say zac efron
I say Gerard way
you say pop
I say rock
you say im weird
I say im different


  • theskittlemonster

    i agree with your whole profile. whats ur bebo?

    theskittlemonster, January 24th, 2009 at 08:59:21am

  • Whoa-x

    Hello there chaslut.

    How are u?!

    Whoa-x, June 16th, 2008 at 11:34:54am

  • MCR - my life

    Nick anything of my site

    i have to much homework as well

    MCR - my life, March 12th, 2008 at 12:32:46pm

  • Tedies_dont_hug_back

    im gd, thx, how r u. my skool works killin me, TO MUCH HOMEWORK!!!!! can i nick that emo thing, its really kool

    Tedies_dont_hug_back, March 8th, 2008 at 01:54:22pm

  • MCR - my life

    Hiya people what u up too

    MCR - my life, March 8th, 2008 at 12:43:29pm

  • Im Not Okay!!

    where are youuu???
    go on chatt

    Im Not Okay!!, February 20th, 2008 at 11:48:45am

  • Im Not Okay!!


    Im Not Okay!!, February 9th, 2008 at 05:14:32am

  • MCR - my life


    MCR - my life, January 31st, 2008 at 11:08:42am

  • blackbloodkiller


    blackbloodkiller, January 29th, 2008 at 03:40:01pm

  • MCR - my life

    Hiya yeah adding some pics later

    MCR - my life, January 29th, 2008 at 12:13:26pm

  • Crushcrushcrush

    hiihihhihihih i love the you know your obsessed with mcr thing i can relate to 'almost' all of them

    Crushcrushcrush, January 28th, 2008 at 02:35:15pm

  • Im Not Okay!!

    hi darllinn love uree profile! yay yooh cum a member!!!

    Im Not Okay!!, January 28th, 2008 at 01:41:56pm

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