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Member since March 31st, 2008



Well i am a really out going person u can talk to me anytime you like
i usually get along with everybody.....i dont think anyone hates me(i hope)
i love my music without it i couldnt live in this world
my favorite bands are:Avenged Sevenfold, The Devil Wears Prada, Three days Grace, The Used, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Inhale Exhale, Evanescence, Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, 30 seconds to Mars, Billy Talent, Daughtry, Underoath, Paramore, Metallica, and a bunch of other bands that i cant think of at the top of my head.
My favorite mix is Mushrooms and Gay men-(they r so hot)
I like to talk to ppl that hav the same interests as me( that doesnt me i wont talk to u because of that) they are really easy to talk to because there won't be so much akward silence-by the way everytime theres an akward silence a gay baby is born =D
and i like Cookies
oh,oh, and i luv Jeffrey Star he's so cool-PINK-

I dislike annoying ppl that bug u all the time- it makes u want to hit them
i hate pennypinchers and control freaks- like my parents....i believe everybody should live there life how they want to be=D
i hate Chavs- they can go to hell
and finally i dislike bugs- nasty little things ick

i'll be friends with anyone that seems nice so msg me!!=D


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    my hot boyfriend(oh he's so cute)

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    this is meee=D


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