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Gerard Way Jr
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I used to be a n00b and now I'm not. Nuff said. XD

From my blog:

I was listening to "Na Na Na" for the billionth time (it's the most listened-to song on my iPod now) and put a playlist of some of my favorite MCR songs together, and it evolved into a top-fifteen list.

So...wanna see it?

#15: Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

Originally, this spot was "Mama"'s, but after hearing the full version of "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)", etc, I had to put that on this list. That's right: I LIKE IT THAT MUCH. So, Monroeville.

I love the stories behind songs, and I love the story behind this particular track about Frank tracking his part and it just "working." I think there's a point where Ray even said they have two styles that should not have worked together, but did.

Apart from that, I just love this song. It's one of the most mellow MCR songs and one of the few which can be defined as "mellow in nature" where sound is concerned. Those are a rare bunch, but a special collection.

This is one of those songs where the imagery of My Chem's conceptual side really shines, and one of the places where, as long as it's been, the lyrics still shine. Gerard's voice only serves to compliment the dripping lyrics, right down to the closing, "There's a corpse in this bed." I love clever MCR bits like "Life was perfect, just like up on the screen" and whatnot, which are a nice find amongst the despair of their early works. The smirk is there, but the theme and imagery remains intact.

Love it.

#14: Sleep

Not only do I enjoy the mellow sound of "Monroeville," but I love the sheer emotion in Gerard's voice, and nowhere is it more evident than in "Sleep," one of my favorite tracks from "The Black Parade" and my fourteenth favorite MCR song overall.

Maybe it's the relation I have with the idea of leaving everything and everyone you know behind, whether with regret or remorselessly. "Through it all, how could you cry for me? 'Cuz I don't feel bad about it" remains one of my all-time favorite lines from the band.

This is one of the few tracks in the band's discography to include piano, and I actually raised an eyebrow at the likeness between "Sleep" and some portions of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon." Simply put, it does tend to sound like Richard Wright. That's not to say "MCR copied Pink Floyd" - we have "The End." for that - but the stylistic similarities fit just right within the atmosphere of the song.

The guitars at the end get me every time, from behind Gerard's screaming to the delicate notes at the closing accompanied by cryptic tape recording. It's haunting, it's huge, it's emotional, and, most of all, it's MCR. This is one of the songs on "The Black Parade" during which I see a bridge between that and "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge." Seriously, go listen to it one more time. Yes, the new sound is present, but the grinding chorus of "The Ghost of You" and the atmospheric tension present throughout the bridges of both's superb.

I don't think "Sleep" gets enough credit, especially where live performance is concerned. "The Black Parade is Dead!" is a good live DVD, but the shining moments are the unspoken classics, namely, "Sleep." Everything about that performance was fantastic, right down to the "Freebird"-esque guitar whine at the closing.

#13: The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You

If I could have put "The Ghost of You," "Jetset," "Interlude," and "Thank You for the Venom" as a set, I would have. The transitions are perfect, and the opening is one of many reasons I adore this song.

I talk a lot about My Chem's haunting imagery during much of their career, and one of these moments is at the start of track seven of their sophomore release. "Gaze into her killing jar; I sometimes stare for hours; She even poked the holes so I can breathe" gives one chills. Not only for the sheer darkness, but also the mystery. What the Hell is a killing jar and why are you staring at it? Is it a metaphor for boobs?

No, but really, I love it, and the pounding chorus is an excellent father of later stomping tracks like "Teenagers" and the "Desolation Row" cover. The bridge is much like "Helena" in its creeping darkness, and some of the live performances of this track specifically are just awesome.

Energy, emotion, darkness...what more could one as for of a pre-"Na Na Na" MCR song?

#12: Desolation Row

No, it's not TECHNICALLY a My Chemical Romance song, but it sure as Hell proved they could be a rock band.

"The Black Parade" had been out for years and we were all waiting for SOMETHING from the band. After all, the wait between "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" and "Three Cheers" as well as the pause between "Three Cheers" and "Parade" was a resounding TWO years, right? So a new record was due.

As we now know, no such luck ensued. However, we did get a glimpse of what was supposedly to come and a great look back into the 80's leatherclad scene with My Chem's cover of one of my favorite Dylan tunes, "Desolation Row."

Granted, MCR had to cut most of the song in order not to be...well, exceedingly long, but I think the verses they picked were pretty solid choices, and transforming a Bob Dylan song into such a fast-paced punk anthem of sorts seems like a daunting task, right?

With Gerard's edgy vocals and the right Hendrix references in Ray's solo, I think they pulled it off pretty well, and I love - just LOVE - the Cinderella sleaze line as Gerard delivers it. "Well, it takes one to know one," BITCH!

And dig the band's look in the video! Can you say "badass?"

#11: Na Na Na

Alright, so, the newest from My Chem.


At first, I wasn't sure at all what to think. It was loud, it's energetic, it was devil-may-care...I mean, it's many of the things My Chemical Romance has been since they started out. It even has the "hit me, you bastard!" lyrics of some of "The Black Parade," which I absolutely love.

Admittedly, it took several (lo-fi) listens to get me used to it, but once I'd accepted that this was, indeed, the new MCR, I REALLY liked it. I works extremely well. It feels easy. It feels natural. It's like they died and came back from their first life, completely unaware of what they'd done before, and made music.

Don't read into that without this in mind: the fact that I say that it's nothing like "old" MCR does not mean that it isn't the exact same band. This is, indeed, the same band that did "Helena," and I'll be damned if it doesn't feel like it. It's like "Keep Yourself Alive" and "It's a Hard Life." They're both great Queen songs, just from a different point of view.

Overall, kudos to My Chem for keeping the spirit and failing in every way imaginable to lose sight of who they are. Excellent work. I wait on baited breath for "Danger Days," and I don't do that for albums. Ever.

#10: Headfirst for Halos

The story behind this song made me laugh, because, actually, I've been in Peter Pan. Granted, it was the British version and I was Mister Darling (God, I HATED The Darlings' song), but the cracks about pixiedust and whatnot were that much more entertaining.

The opening guitar riff is still one of my favorites, and it introduces that great upbeat sound which so defies the lyrics, yet works in utter synchronous with them.

It's got an interesting theatricality, albeit in a twisted and lighthearted sort of way. I honestly don't know how to elaborate. If you've heard it recently, I'm sure you know what I mean. XD

I dunno, I just love this song. I'm surprised in some ways that it wasn't a single, but, there again, this was pre-"Three Cheers." Still, it's one of those tracks which shows that MCR can pretty much get away with anything.

#9: My Way Home is Through You

Energy. I'm annoyed that there aren't any videos of MCR performing this live, and I'm not even sure that they ever have. It's too bad, because this is one of the best MCR b-sides, period. It's a great blend of the scope of "The Black Parade" and the dangerous punk influence of "Three Cheers."

#8: The End. + Dead!

Yes, I treat them as a unit.

The opening tracks of "The Black Parade" are iconic amongst the MCR fanbase and deserve a spot with "American Idiot" and other such 21st-Century artists' excellent opening works. It introduces this brilliant theatricality and massive sound - I mean, "The End." explodes! Pink Floyd references aside.

We all love "Dead!", I think. Ray's solos are better than ever right from the getgo, and death has never looked so happy! (See: Headfirst for Halos)

#7: Thank You for the Venom

Another fan favorite, and one of MCR's most dangerous guitar riffs springboards the oily lyrics and explosive vocals. I've loved this since the first listen, and the solo ranks as one of my personal favorites.

#6: Vampires Will Never Hurt You

I seriously thought this would be my favorite My Chemical Romance song forever when I first heard it, and I'll admit, it was extremely difficult building this list, considering "Vampires" was the first song I thought of.

I believe this is the first MCR track recorded in the studio, and I remember hearing that Gerard was so nervous about it and beating himself so hard over the head that someone actually punched him in the jaw to set him straight, and then he performed.

And, man, he PERFORMS. If any song on "Bullets" is reflective of the identity to come on their following record, it's this song. The utterly creepy atmosphere is apparent from the first beat.

#5: The Ghost of You

Probably the pinnacle of emotionally-driven tracks on "Three Cheers." Everything in this song is about the raw emotion, from the delicacy of the verses to the crunch and despair when the chorus breaks loose.

The video is still one of my favorites, and, God, I'll bet Gerard was great to watch in theatre. I'm enormously picky about my actors, but I feel not only the passion in Gerard's voice, but the desperation as he calls out to his brother.

I have to tell myself it's not real. I mean, not in a creepy way, but...well, you see what I mean.

#4: Desert Song

Interestingly, I first heard "Desert Song" in the middle of Winter, when snow and ice covered the ground and the cool breeze of Summer was replaced by the unforgiving winds of December.

I'm an outdoor person, so I don't care. Hot or cold, I just like the exercise, but, either way, you can imagine the impact "Desert Song" has in the middle of Winter, especially when you're a depressive teenager. No stereotypes, either, I just really was depressed at the time.

This is the only original acoustic MCR piece, and, God, if we ever get another one, I can only imagine the emotion behind it matching this. It's so simple, so quiet, yet so powerful. Even "Cancer" daydreams about this b-side.

#3: Disenchanted

This was another song which I was convinced was going to be at number one. It's intriguing to me because it's everything My Chemical Romance is and much of what they'd never been before this song. It holds hands with "I Don't Love You," but pulls the whole ballad thing off in an interesting way despite the similarities.

I love the acoustic opening and the almost innocent sounding vocals leading into a massive verse with a much more weary sounding Gerard. To be able to achieve such diversity where something as simple as what message a voice conveys is something you don't see every day.

On a personal level, this song has been with me for a long time, and speaks to me on an extremely intimate level, from "It was a lie when they smiled and said, 'You won't feel a thing'" to "So I could watch all my heroes sell a car on TV."

This is another track which isn't necessarily about the lyrics, or a guitar riff, but pure and unrelenting and unabashed emotion. It's the climax of an emotional journey, and an extremely impressive step in My Chemical Romance's career.

#2: I Never Told You What I Do For a Living

My Chem does their ending tracks VERY well, a fact which is immediately apparent in "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge"'s closing song.

One of the things the band's known for is, of course, the emotional aspect of these songs, but also the energy in the bandmates and their chemistry. Sometimes, one moreso than the other; I'll admit, the odd My Chem song isn't necessarily the emotional opus it tries to be, even if it does keep the spirit. No such talk here! This is the perfect balance of the things the band does best. From cryptic lyrics to alternations between the piano/forte guitars, this song just gets it right.

And, yes, they do this all the time, but "Never Told You" does have a special place on my list due to personal relatability. All the better!

With such an excellent track at number two, what could POSSIBLY be my favorite My Chemical Romance song of all time? What could be so intricate and moving that it beats even the finale of the fan favorite "Three Cheers?" What is My Chemical Romance's magnum opus?

#1: Blood


#1: Famous Last Words

Not only has it been my favorite My Chemical Romance song since I heard it, it introduced me to the world of the band and its music. Sure, I was aware of the group, but I wasn't sold on "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" and "Helena" helped, but perhaps I wasn't ready until I heard this little tune on the radio early 2007.

Let's look at it from an analytical standpoint. It's the ending of "The Black Parade," obviously, and, as Gerard put it, the one last shot for the main character. It's one of those songs that speaks to a broad audience, yet works quite nicely in the context of a concept record.

The guitar parts...I just love My Chem guitars versus Gerard's vocals on so many levels. They fit perfectly. Someone described "Na Na Na" as they and he going toe-to-toe. That's exactly how I feel here. They work in perfect synch, and, what do ya know! The drums, in standard My Chem fashion, demand you play along, beating the air with your metaphysical drumsticks.

When the bridge kicks in, Ray's solo absolutely melts, and layered vocals and whatnot which come in later during the bridge work. They An emotional swell a bit further...aaahhh...

Yes, I am listening to it right now.

SO. Any thoughts? I want to see lists like this!


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